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Students grow spiritually through practicing their faith in everyday activities. Pre-kindergarten uses the curriculum called Who Am I; it focuses on God creating us and the world around us. Students tend to develop their relationship with God by giving thanks for His world and wonderful gifts. Students learn to follow in His way and love others just as He does by the example of their peers and teachers. Students learn to pray the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, and recite the Sign of the Cross. Students attend Mass with the school community and their fifth-grade buddies beginning in January.
English Language Arts (ELA)
The Pre-Kindergarten literacy program uses the OWL (Opening the World of Learning) curriculum and the Learning Without Tears program. These two programs help students develop early handwriting skills, rhyming, beginning and end sounds, recognizing letters, and building words. The literacy curriculum includes activities to guide students towards developing a foundation for phonemic and phonological awareness.
Building Blocks is the math curriculum used to teach our pre-kindergarten students. Building Blocks provides a solid foundation for future math study. The curriculum offers real-world exploration through manipulatives and books. While engaging students in mathematical thinking, the program also emphasizes conceptual thinking and reasoning to improve skill acquisition.
Social Studies
At the Pre-Kindergarten level, learning history and social science is built on students’ experiences in their families, school, community, state, and country. The picture books chosen for reading aloud, the stories told, and the songs students hear or learn are basic components of the curriculum. Students listen to stories about the people and events celebrated in our national holidays and students learn why we celebrate them. Students also become familiar with our national symbols to help develop a "civic identity" (Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Frameworks, 2003).
Pre-Kindergarten students use science exploration by discovering the world around them. The curriculum focuses on the Earth and living things. Students explore shadows, reflections, how the wind makes things move, life cycles, and what living things need to survive. STREAM is also a focus in pre-kindergarten, and students are exposed to the Engineering Design Process.