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Second Grade

In second grade at Saint Joseph School, students prepare for the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist. In addition to receiving the sacraments, children learn the importance and value of Christ and prayer in their lives as well as their role in the Catholic community.
In November, second graders participate in a Saints’ Parade to honor the lives of the saints. Throughout the school year, students engage in a variety of charitable outreach activities and learn to grow in their knowledge of the Mass and liturgical holidays by attending community celebrations.
English Language Arts (ELA)
The second grade ELA program at Saint Joseph School focuses on building students' reading and writing skills through daily practice and application of essential concepts. Using the Wilson Fundations program, students develop their knowledge of vowel sounds and spelling patterns to help strengthen their oral reading, comprehension, and writing skills. The Collins Writing Program offers critical support to students’ developing writing skills by engaging them in the writing process with a particular emphasis on grammar mechanics, sentence and paragraph construction, and editing. In reading, the Fountas and Pinnell Reading Benchmark Assessments are used to help provide a differentiated reading program to each student and to monitor their progress throughout the year. In addition to these programs, students study multiple reading genres throughout the school year including: realistic fiction, nonfiction, poetry, fables, biographies, and much more. Weekly visits to the school library help reinforce children’s growing love of reading and cross-curricular reading and writing assignments help further strengthen their developing literacy skills. Second grade is a year of tremendous growth in reading, writing, spelling, and much more!
Math in second grade is taught using the Common Core aligned enVision program. This program focuses on building a strong mathematic foundation for learners. The math program is enhanced through the implementation of cooperative math games, centers, and technology. Grade two has six major content clusters within this program, they include:
• represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction
• add and subtract within 20
• understand place value
• use place value understanding and properties of operations to add and subtract
• measure and estimate lengths in standard units
• relate addition and subtraction to lengths

In addition to these six clusters, students will work with equal groups to gain foundations for multiplication, work with time and money, represent and interpret data, and reason with shapes and their attributes.
Social Studies
The second grade curriculum uses the Pearson myWorld social studies program that is correlated to the themes of social studies found in the National Curriculum Standards. Throughout the year, students study topics from the following themes:
• Culture
• Time, continuity, and change
• People, places, and environments
• Individual identity and development
• Individuals, groups, and institutions
• Power, authority, and governance
• Production, distribution, and consumption
• Science, technology, and society
• Global connections
• Civic ideals and practices
Second graders also engage in special projects and activities at school and at home including: voting for student council representatives, saint reports, creating maps, and studying religious and national holidays.
In second grade at Saint Joseph School, students engage in a variety of science units that are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and relate to the topics of Earth and Space Science, Life Science, Physical Science, and Technology/Engineering. Second graders will study materials and their properties, using the engineering design process to test said materials and activate higher order thinking. Students will also explore physical and chemical changes as well as states of matter. In second grade, students will learn about different types of ecosystems and identify the important aspects of a habitat. Later in the year, second graders will learn about Earth's systems and its physical features, such as land forms. Students will explore types of energy and the effects of friction on temperature and the speed of objects.