October 30, 2018   •   Issue 12 


"Dear God, you give us life in the hopes we do your good works. We thank you for all you have done for us. Please help all the doctors and nurses who help people every day. We pray for the police and the firefighters who leave their families to help us and help the world be a better place. Please help me seek you and reach out to those who are homeless and those who are hungry. Please give me the strength to be a better person by being kind and helpful to everyone. Amen."

~ Jonathan, Grade 5 ~

Dear Parents,


It hardly seems possible that I am writing a newsletter for November. The time at school is flying by. November is a short month but very busy, so please make sure to make note of all the dates.



We had so much fun at Trunk or Treat on Friday evening. Luckily the weather cooperated, and everyone had a wonderful time. I know that the faculty and staff enjoy choosing our costumes as much as the children do. Mrs. Lalicata was Snow White and there were 26 dwarfs. It was fun to see what everyone was named😊. Some of the students asked if we were gnomes, pirates, or princesses😊! I would like to thank Liz Nichols and Harry Condon for chairing this great night as well as all the parent volunteers, and the MHMS students. It was truly a team effort!


A reminder that students may dress in orange and black on Halloween for a free tag day. Also, the pre-k and kindergarten students will be having their annual Halloween Parade at 8:30 a.m.



On Thursday, November 1st we will all attend Mass for All Saints Day. This is also the first day of winter uniforms. Please check the Student Handbook on our website if you need to know what the winter uniforms include. Students must also wear sweatpants for gyms as well. The shorts for school and gym need to be put away until the spring. Just a reminder that we have lots of uniforms in the Uniform Closet if you need anything.



On Friday morning, right after drop-off, we will once again invite our pre-k and kindergarten parents to Coffee and Conversation in the HUB. We look forward to hearing about your experiences at St. Joe's and look forward to your feedback.


The fifth grade Student Council members and I will be going to visit Franciscan Childr'n's Hospital on Friday as well. It is a wonderful opportunity for our students to see where the donations that we collect go, and they will share their experience with the Student Council members at the next meeting.


I apologize for cancelling the Kids Healthy Mind Initiative this past week. Patty Coffey, the presenter, was ill. We have rescheduled the event for Wednesday, December 5th at 7:00 p.m.


We will be testing our emergency contact system on Tuesday, November 5th at 7:00 p.m. The new system is part of Ren Web.  After hearing feedback regarding calls on all the phones in your house when there is a snow day, we will instead be sending text messages only. If you do not receive a text message on your cell phone on November 5th, please let Loree McInerney know, so that we may investigate the issue.



We use Pick A Time for scheduling of our Parent/Teacher Conferences. Although the conferences are not until December 6th (evening) and December 7th (day) we know that you need to plan. So, Pick A Time will open at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 10th. Directions will follow.


November 1st

Mass at 9:00 a.m. for All Saints Day


Winter uniforms


November 2nd

8:15 a.m. Coffee and Conversation for pre-k and kindergarten parents in the HUB


The School Store is open!


Fifth grade Student Council members visit Franciscan Children's Hospital


November 3rd

The Rotary Club breakfast at Needham High School


November 4th

Daylight saving time ends today


November 5th

Auction meeting in the HUB at 8:15 a.m.


Emergency system test at 7:00 p.m.


November 6th

Student Council meeting at 2:45-3:15 p.m.


Grade 4 Lunch Bunch Framed: A T.O.A.S.T. Mystery by James Ponti


Election Day!


Milton Academy Saturday Course test for interested 4th grade students


November 7th

Early Release Day at 12:15 p.m– – Faculty Meeting


November 8th

Grade 5 Lunch Bunch Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead


Prayer and Pick Up with 3A


November 9th

Eric Calton, Marine talks about service at the Fifth Grade Leadership Series


Saints Parade, grade two at 1:30 p.m.


November 10th

Pick a Time opens at 6:00 a.m.


November 12th

Veterans Day observed – no school

November 13th

Litany of Saints – grade four


November 14th

PSA meeting at 8:15 a.m. in the HUB – change of date


Grade three travels to Plymouth Plantation


Tag Day for Meadow Farms Fundraiser – should have received certificate


November 15th

Prayer and Pick Up with 3B


November 16th

Karen Bohlin, Head of School at Montrose talks about ethics and values at the Fifth Grade Leadership Series


The School Store is open!


November 19th

End of trimester


November 20th

Thanksgiving Mass at 9:00 a.m.


November 21st-23rd

Thanksgiving break


November 29th

Fifth grade production of Mary Poppins Jr. by grade five at 7:00 p.m.


Prayer and Pick Up with 3C


November 30th

Fifth grade production of Mary Poppins Jr. by grade five at 7:00 p.m.


The School Store is open!


Students in grade four should have received a letter in their Friday folders this past week informing them of the opportunity to participate in The Saturday Course at Milton Academy. This program is offered to fourth to eighth graders students who are looking for a fast-paced academic enrichment program. Independently motivated leaners truly thrive and gain from the challenges and opportunities at The Saturday Course.


On Friday, you will be receiving a flier from Mrs. Bello regarding our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. We always remind our students that it is our privilege to be able to help others in need and this is certainly the case during the holidays. The note asks for at least a $3.00 donation from each student as well as a non-perishable item. We help over 200 people with our donations and they are always extremely appreciative. Please note the date for the $3.00 donation is November 9th and the food item is due Monday, November 19th.  Thank you for your support.


A note from Mrs. Melissa Harrigan:

This is just a reminder that the First Reconciliation Parent Meeting is coming up on Tuesday, November 6 at 7:00 p.m. in the lower church and we ask that at least one parent attends.


We were excited that 37 third grade students joined us for Lunch Bunch last week!



We are super excited to start a girls fourth grade book club. What is a book club? Reading for fun? Come to the HUB next week at 11/1 at 6:30 pm to find out the answers to all your questions. Please enter through the May Street door.


The goal of the club is to make reading for pleasure something the girls want to do. It will be an environment where thoughts and ideas are shared and respected. Plus, we will have FUN! 


Our first book will be THE CANDY MAKER by WENDY MASS and will start our official meetings in January where we will talk about this book.  The girls will have lots of time to finish the book before we meet. 


Please email Sarah Fitzmaurice at if you are interested. I am excited to be the book club leader.


We look forward to hosting Melissa Shang to speak to our first through fifth grade students on Friday afternoon.  Melissa is a 15-year-old disability advocate and attends Newton-South High School. She was born with a form of muscular dystrophy called Charcot-Marie-Tooth. Melissa is also known for her work with American Girl doll.  She launched a viral petition for a disabled American Girl doll and was featured in Cosmopolitan, USA Today, CBS, HLN, and other major news outlets.  She raised massive public attention for disability representation in children's toys.  Melissa also published her first book, Mia Lee is Wheeling Through Middle School. Thank you to Tom and Janice LaHaise for coordinating the presentation with Melissa.


The fifth graders presented the importance of reduce, reuse, and recycle to the school. The students who spoke had a poster and materials showing what can and cannot be recycled at home and at school.  The grade five students have taken on recycling as a real-world problem over the past few years and are certainly putting their learning into action! 



On Friday, we began the day with two guests from Needham Bank as part of our Leadership Speaker Series.  They talked to the students about trust.  They asked what it meant to be trustworthy and talked about the connection to banking and being trustworthy. In the beginning of the presentation, the speakers asked the students what they would do if they were given a large sum of money.  Their answers ranged from giving to charity, to buying mansions and fancy cars, to helping their parents with the mortgage, and someone even said invest in mutual funds!! At one point, the speaker handed out dollar bills to each of them to see if they could be trusted with them. The highlight for the students, I think, is when he said they all passed the test and they could keep the money.  They seemed quite excited about that. Students have enjoyed hearing about the different aspects of leadership so far.  You are always welcome to join us. 



I know that the teachers have been sending you all thank you notes in their blasts for their Wish Tree items, but I want to make sure that you know how VERY much they appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. This again is just another example of how special St. Joe's is and how well the team of parents/teachers/students work here at St. Joe's. Thank you!


A note from Miss McShane to the teachers:


Hi All,


Congratulations on the 100 times your students showed excellent behavior!!! 15 minutes extra recess is the reward and for the big building it will be at 1:20/1:30. I looked at everyone's special schedules and here is the day for each grade – if it rains, of course, move your day to the next week or something.


Kindergarten earned the MOST Joey cards, so you earn an extra, extra 15 minutes of recess.



Megan McShane



Thank you to all the fifth-grade students who participated in our annual Pumpkin Contest. The pumpkins filled the hallways this past week and made everyone get into the Halloween spirit. The pumpkins were than transferred into a pumpkin patch for Trunk or Treat. Congratulations to Katie Reale, Caroline Calton, and Casey McManus for placing first, second, and third respectively.



Thank you to everyone who participated in the Meadow Farms fundraiser. On Friday we had the drawings and Henry Kolinski won the Celtics tickets, Lilianne Polak won the earbuds, and Ethan Mastrovich won the iPad mini.



Please note that the PSA meeting has been rescheduled for Wednesday, November 14th at 8:15 a.m. in the HUB.


Join former St. Joe's mom and founder of Project Giving Kids, Molly Yuska, as kids and families from around Greater Boston unite to Create the Change at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. Hosted by Phil Lipof of NBC Boston, this two-hour, fun-filled, hands-on service event designed specifically for youth and families will take place on November 4 from 2-4 p.m. For more details and to get tickets, visit: 



Thank you to Mrs. Topham and fifth grade students Caroline Calton, James Marjani, Lyndsay Mingolelli, Fin Reichard, and Elle Reeves for leading the school community in the Rosary.



Thank you to Mrs. Solomon and the fourth and fifth grade Student Council members for presenting Monsignor McGann with his St. Joe's plaid and fleece blanket, his cards, and his basket of candy at his reception. He truly appreciated the thoughtfulness!



Hello Jr. Celtic's Fans!


We are very excited to introduce our Jr. Celtics Youth Development League! In collaboration with the Boston Celtics, participants will receive a Jr. Celtic's YMCA reversible game jersey, two tickets to a 2019 open practice, opportunity to attend a Jr. Celtic's clinic at the Red Auerbach Center and much more!


On February 24th we will have an end of the year Jamboree! We will be working with the Celtics to making sure this a day you don't want to miss! This will include Celtics VIP's, Lucky (Mascot) and a viewing of some of the Championship Trophies!


Registration Begins October 15th!

Runs January 5th –February 24th


BOYS: Saturday 11:00am-1:00pm (grades 1-2)

BOYS: Saturday 12:00pm-2:00pm (grades 3-4)

GIRLS: Saturday 1:00pm-3:00pm (grades 1-2)

GIRLS: Saturday 3:00pm-4:00pm (grades 3-4) 


Contact Marcus Nelson for more information-  


How about the Red Sox? You have to love this team and they are certainly making the World Series exciting, if not exhausting😊. We had fun on Wednesday, all dressed in our Red Sox attire, as we supported the hometown team!

I do realize that this newsletter is long, but there truly is so much going on here at school and I feel I must share it with you. We are blessed to be in a thriving school!


Warm regards,

Charlotte Kelly




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