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The art and music programs are taught with a strong cross curricular emphasis. Students study the principals of music and artistic expression while benefiting from visual and auditory reinforcement for material being addressed in other subject areas. The musical and visual arts are linked through the multi-media resources.


Contemporary and traditional Christian Music is explored at every grade level.

Music classes emphasize hands-on learning. Group activities are utilized to provide an opportunity for students to integrate their personal talents and interests with the study of music. Basic musical skills are taught, including reading musical notation and playing simple melodies on keyboard instruments. Students with advanced musical training are given the opportunity to express themselves through musical composition. All students are encourage to sing and learn how to use and protect their changing adolescent voices. Performance opportunities are available through the band, choir, musical drama, school liturgies, and small ensemble opportunities.

Visual Arts

The visual arts curriculum is also taught with a heavy cross-curricular emphasis. Art projects, for the most part are coordinated with subject teachers.