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The middle school math program is a bridge between the computational exercises learned in elementary school and the advanced mathematics learned in high school.

Students are taught to master operational procedures using fractions, decimals, percentages and integers before they tackle algebraic expressions and equations. Along the way, geometric concepts are introduced, measuring skills are improved upon and ideas about probability are explored. Throughout the curriculum, emphasis is placed upon developing sound problem solving strategies that challenge our students' minds and builds their confidence for taking on the bigger problems they will face in the future

Classes are taught in both interactive and traditional modes to best meet the diverse needs of our students. The teaching approach is varied, using teacher-lead instruction, cooperative learning, manipulatives, and technology.

Our ultimate goal is to give students the basic mathematical skills necessary to function in life, as well as to prepare them for higher level thinking which lies ahead. Students are encouraged to value mathematics, to think mathematically and to solve problems strategically. They are taught to communicate effectively using precise mathematical language and to appreciate the connections between mathematics and life experience.