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Español por favor!

Our Spanish program follows the Massachusetts Framework for Foreign Languages. As with many of our subject areas, there is a strong cross curricular emphasis on Spanish.

The course is designed around the five "C’s":

Communication: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing

Cultures: Studying other cultures

Comparisons: Comparing their own language and culture with another

Connections: Making connections with other subject areas

Communities: Participating in communities at home and around the world in Spanish

Spanish is taught as a foreign language to encourage students to learn new ways of perceiving and expanding their own vision of the world and their personal insight into the varieties of human communities. Learning a second language reinforces understanding of one's first language, develops communicative competence, strengthens reading and writing skills and opens the door to a deeper understanding and appreciation for the richness of diverse culture.

Sixth and seventh grade courses provide a detailed introduction to the "first year" level Spanish. The eighth grade, or "second year", course aims to strengthen the acquisition and retirement of the language skills.

By the time of graduation it is hoped that the program has developed in our students:

  • Recognition and and appreciation of cultural differences.
  • An understanding of how the Spanish-speaking world has influenced the U.S. and world.
  • Competency and confidence when speaking Spanish with classmates and native speakers.
  • A solid foundation for high school level Spanish offerings.