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The Computer Technology Education program at Monsignor Haddad Middle School is based on the Massachusetts Technology Literacy D.O.E. standards. These guidelines provide for planning technology-based activities in which the students achieve success in learning, and communication, as well as developing critical thinking and life skills. Technology skills and lessons provide the basis for curriculum-driven, technology-based projects. Technology curriculum integration benefits the students by enhancing and complementing the content in all subject areas. By following a defined Technology curriculum, we are teaching students specific grade level computer applications and literacy skills. Once mastered, these skills are used to enhance different areas of curriculum while recognizing the varied learning styles that exist within any grade level.

Word processing, database, spreadsheet, graphic organizing, desktop publishing, presentation and graphic applications are used to support the computer technology curriculum. Web based tools are used to support curriculum. Improving keyboarding is also a part of the middle school program. Responsible use of technology and an understanding of both ethics and safety issues in school, at home and in society are stressed. As the students progress from grade 6 to grade 8 we are developing and enhancing our skills in each application. We use Office 365 for Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications which are based in the cloud. Each student has a cloud based Office 365 account. This allows for work to be done both in a school and home setting.

Monsignor Haddad Middle School is equipped with 24 new Dell computers, a smart Apple TV and laser printer as well as digital cameras. An iPad cart with 30 iPads are equipped with curriculum based apps and learning tools for student use. The school provides effective firewall software to monitor and protect students while they are using the Internet. Lan School software is used for demonstrations, student/teacher collaboration, and monitoring student progress. Students are required to sign An Acceptable Use Policy form, which requires the safe and appropriate use of hardware, software and the Internet.

The goal of the middle school technology program is to ready the student to move on with success to High School curriculum with strong technology skills.