ELA is the heart of the kindergarten curriculum. Our map encompasses literacy, foundational skills, and writing to meet the goals set for kindergarten. We use Wilson Fundations and Collins writing to introduce early reading skills to foster lifelong readers and writers. We progress from letter recognition, letter sounds, and building sight words, to reading and writing full sentences. Using a variety of literature, the students are able to apply comprehension skills such as summarizing, comparing, and contrasting, and making inferences. They also learn the basic elements of literature including characters, setting, plot, and solution. After introducing these skills, our students are capable readers and independent writers.


The kindergarten math curriculum encourages students to manipulate, model, and reason with mathematics to build number sense. Though the emphasis is on number sense (composing and decomposing), students are encouraged to share their ideas and use math vocabulary to express their own understandings. The EnVision Math program builds a foundation that will spiral into the subsequent grade levels.

Social Studies

Social studies instruction utilizes a cross-curricular approach. We use Time for Kids as an emergent non-fiction source for reading news. As stated in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, "at the preschool and kindergarten level, learning in history and social science is built on children’s experiences in their families, school, community, state, and country." We focus on special people, special celebrations, and holidays in the lives of our students. The purpose of the pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten curriculums is to build a foundation for students’ civic awareness while also strengthening our Catholic identity.


Our Catholic identity is a crucial part of our learning and growth during the year. The religion curriculum is outlined by Sadlier Religion in our We Believe text. Students learn the roles of the Holy Family, Jesus’ teachings, the Saints, and God’s gifts which are imparted in our lessons through text and teachings. We prepare our students to be prayerful, caring, and appreciative children of God’s world in how they act in and out of the classroom. Students also share their talents in our annual Nativity performance, which is one of the longstanding traditions in our school community


Students transform into scientists through a variety of hands-on activities and experiments that help them to gain a better understanding of their surroundings. The theme of Kindergarten Science standards, as stated in the Massachusetts Frameworks, focus on patterns and why changes occur in our world. We collect observations from changing weather patterns, states of matter, and what living organisms need.

Curriculum Maps