SJES Wish Tree 2019-2020

The Wish Tree allows teachers and staff to request various items that will enhance the classroom experience. Some of the wish lists include smaller items such as pencils and larger items such as a classroom rug. Any contributions to our Wish Tree are greatly appreciated by our teachers, staff members, and students. If you have any questions regarding the Wish Tree please contact Courtney Stowers, Wish Tree Coordinator.


How the Wish Tree works:
  • Teachers and staff submit their "wishes" for classroom and schoolwide items on the "Wish Tree" list.
  • When you purchase an item from the Wish Tree, please give it directly to the teacher requesting the item or to the school office.
  • Send an email to Courtney Stowers at including the grade, name of teacher, and item donated.
Important Facts:
  • Saint Joseph Elementary School accepts new or gently used items.
  • If you have items that you think St. Joe's could use but are not included on the Wish Tree, please contact Courtney Stowers at to discuss the possibility of donating the items.
  • For larger/more expensive items, consider purchasing the item as a group with other parents.
  • Wish Tree items are tax-deductible! If you would like an acknowledgement letter from St. Joe's documenting your donation, include this request in your email. Keep the original receipt for your records.


Miss Hamilton 

  1. Preschool books for our class library
  2. Doll high chair for dramatic play
  3. Legos for the block area
  4. Kinetic sensory sand  Lake shore
  5. Playdough
  6. Playdough toys
  7. Push button play phone from Lakeshore
  8. Tea set for dramatic play
  9. Liquid watercolors Lake Shore
  10. Smelly markers

Pre K

Miss Healey


1. Alpha-Bots: Lakeshore Learning Item # AC225

2. Counting Cars: Lakeshore Learning Item # LL495

3. Catch a Letter Magnetic Learning Game:  Lakeshore Learning Item # AA327

4. Lakeshore Counting Cones

5. Lakeshore Learning Item # DD561


Mr. Giroux


1. Unlock It! Number Match: Item # LC127

2. Playstix®: Item # DB251

3. Find the Letter Activity Center: Item # LC742

4. Getting Ready to Write Gumball Grab: Item # TT818

5. Learn to Count! Dough Mats: Item # LL688

6. Counting Cars: Item # LL495


Mrs. Lalicata


  1. Flex Space comfy floor seats. (3) one blue, one orange, one green
  2. Classroom clipboards set of 6 LL878 (3)
  3. Beginners reading trackers set of 30 DD851
  4. Children of the World floor puzzle
  5. Giant number sense stamp set (3) LL658
  6. Early Reader books by Tad Hills
  7. Non fiction early readers


Miss Scott


  1. Classroom globe 

  1. Sitting spots for read aloud and morning meeting 

  1. Numbers & Operations 

  1. Part Part Whole 

  1. Math Motor Game 

  1. CVC 

  1. Sight word magnets 

  1. Magnet blocks 

  1. Marble Maze 

Miss Viscomi

  1. Size and Color Teddy Bear Counters (Plastic)- Set of 100- Amazon/Lakeshore 

  1. Date Stamp (2)- Amazon 

  1. Ten Frames Class Set (Lakeshore) 

  1. Unifix Cubes (Plastic)- Amazon/Lakeshore 

  1. Pattern Blocks (Plastic)- Amazon/Lakeshore/ 

  1. Do-a-dot Bingo Dot markers (2 packs) 

  1. Rainbow Stamp Pad (5.99 on Amazon)- 4 packs 

  2. Pete The Cat Reading is Groovy Area Rug (ink from Amazon) 35.4’’ x 51’’ 

  3. TMJJ Cotton & Linen Round Floor Pillow Cushion Japanese Style Futon Seat Cushion Thicken Chair Wave Window Pad 21" x 21",Set of 2 



Grade 1

Grade 2

Mrs. Mannion

  1. Pencil Pals for desks 

  2. Games: Apples to Apples Jr., Sorry, deck of cards, Lego kit 

  3. New back Jack chair covers (1-2 of them) 

  4. Paint by Sticker activities 

  5. Positive posters 

  6. Magic erasers 

  7. Rolling drawer organizer 


Mrs. Paulino


3. Pencil Sharpener

4. Sharpened Pencils

5. Floor Seats for Flexible Seating:


Mrs. Wescott


1. Window Markers:

2. Document Camera:

3. Beanbags (2 - any color!)

4. Backjack Chair (any dark color)

5. Clipboards (need 2 more sets)


Early Childhood Building

Teacher's Room

*coffee K-cups

*Tea K-cups

*Hot chocolate K-cups


Grade 3

Miss Boland


Crayon Sharpener

Staple Free Stapler (2)

Marker Pack

Wobble Cushions

Floor Seats


Masking Tape, Scotch Tape for STREAM projects

Books, gently used or new. Amazon Book Wishlist


Miss Doran

Standing Desk (For laptop): *Priority*  

The Catholic Children’s Bible:  *Priority* 

Crayola Classroom Marker Set: *Priority*  

Multiplication Machines: (x2)  

Division Machines: (x2)  

Base 10 Magnet Manipulatives: 

Books for Fairytale Unit  

The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark 

The Three Little Pigs 

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!  

Any age-appropriate board games for indoor recess 


Miss Horne

Learning Resources Primary Calculators—2 sets (20 calculators total) 

Digital Timers—2 sets (24 timers total) 

Quiet Glides Pre-Cut Tennis Balls—4 sets (80 tennis balls total) 

Multiplication Flash Cards—anywhere from 10-20 sets would be great! 

Any chapter book donations would also be eagerly accepted 


Grade 4

Miss Balasmo

  • Pencils.
  • Scissors
  • Glue Sticks.
  • Expo Markers.


Miss Sullivan

  • Colored pens
  • Blank notecards
  • Colored sticky notes
  • Book display stands
  • Board games

Mrs. Topham

  • Classroom rug for reading area to replace the one that had to be discarded
  • Document camera
  • Individual student world maps to be kept at each desk
  • Decks of playing cards for each student
  • 10 games 24
  • Sharpies markers of many colors
  • Electric pencil Sharpener


Grade 5

Mrs. Fiumara


1. 3 bungee chairs

2. Classroom games

3. Art supplies

Mrs. Howard

1. Games for recess: Chess, Checkers, Connect 4, your choice

2. Craft kits for indoor recess: weaving or beading, or your choice

3. Smaller science items for labs-- petri dishes, pipets, graduated cylinders

4. World Water Monitoring Day Materials  

Mr. Rodis


2 Chairs:




*Nerf balls

*Rainbow bouncy balls

*Soccer balls


*Pop up soccer goals (2)


Mrs. Brady

*Mr. Clean Magic Erasers


*Paper towels

*Amazon, Barnes and Noble, New England Mobile Book Fair gift cards


Miss Powers
  • Skinny black expo markers
  • Black Crayola markers
  • Clorox or Expo Wipes
  • Kids scissors
  • Tissues
  • Paper towels
  • Straws
  • Masking Tape
  • Ozobot Markers (can be found on amazon)
  • Lakeshore building brick STEM challenge kit


Mrs. Harris

Washable kids aprons - (24 Color Black, size Medium)

Nurses Office

Mrs. Brett, Mrs. Ratto, Mrs. Cedrone
  • LLBean – everyday lightweight tote – Large Fiery Red
  • LLBean – everyday lightweight tote – Large Nautical Blue
  • Cork-Bar with aluminum frame: 36 inch length
  • Utopia Home Foldable step stool (11 inches wide and 9 inches tall) blue / white  (polka-dots)


Mrs. Posada, Mrs. Schlager
  • Label maker
  • Small desk fan


Mrs. Pratt



Mrs. Palmatier

* soccer balls

* board games



Ms. Schell, Ms. Smith



Main Office Admin

Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. McInerney & Mrs. Walsh

* Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Teacher's Lounge

* K -Cups (coffee & hot chocolate)