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SJES Wish Tree 2019-2020

The Wish Tree allows teachers and staff to request various items that will enhance the classroom experience. Some of the wish lists include smaller items such as pencils and larger items such as a classroom rug. Any contributions to our Wish Tree are greatly appreciated by our teachers, staff members, and students. If you have any questions regarding the Wish Tree please contact Courtney Stowers, Wish Tree Coordinator.


How the Wish Tree works:
  • Teachers and staff submit their "wishes" for classroom and schoolwide items on the "Wish Tree" list.
  • When you purchase an item from the Wish Tree, please give it directly to the teacher requesting the item or to the school office.
  • Send an email to Courtney Stowers at including the grade, name of teacher, and item donated.
Important Facts:
  • Saint Joseph Elementary School accepts new or gently used items.
  • If you have items that you think St. Joe's could use but are not included on the Wish Tree, please contact Courtney Stowers at to discuss the possibility of donating the items.
  • For larger/more expensive items, consider purchasing the item as a group with other parents.
  • Wish Tree items are tax-deductible! If you would like an acknowledgement letter from St. Joe's documenting your donation, include this request in your email. Keep the original receipt for your records.