Aftercare Program


2020-2021 Aftercare forms


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Typical Afternoon

  • Students in grades 1-5 meet in the HUB and check in with the Director.
  • Students in PS, Pre-K and K meet in the Aftercare room to check in with a staff member.
  • Students begin with a snack and then go outside for 30 minutes.
  • After outdoor play students do homework or play educational games.
  • Indoor activities and crafts are planned daily.

Staffed by an Aftercare Director and Saint Joseph School teachers.

Stocked with games, art supplies, and activities for children to participate in when they are indoors after outside play.

Monthly Fee Schedule

One child$55$110$165$220$275
Each additional child$51$102$153$204$255

One child$113$226$339$452$565
Each additional child$103$206$305$412$515

The fee schedule is best viewed on a tablet, laptop or desktop—not a smart phone.

Policies & Guidelines

For questions about your payment, or for changes in your family’s schedule, please contact our Aftercare Administrative Assistant.

Robin Horrigan                                                                                                                       


Aftercare Director Contact Information


Aftercare Director
Clare Palmatier

Aftercare Administrative Assistant                                                                                                                                              Robin Horrigan