We are pleased to offer many after-school and lunch time activities and clubs to help each student find and develop his/her own talents and skills.

Student Council

Becoming a Student Council Representative (grades 2-5) is an important and serious obligation. The elected person serves as a direct representative for the entire class and in some cases the entire school in relationship with the school administration, particularly the principal.

The existence of a student council teaches our elementary students many things, including such principles as: decisions should be made only after considering the input of many people, students need and deserve a voice, and that every honor also requires responsibility.

Since the voice of the students is the elected student council representative, that student should be a leader and possess leadership qualities such as: honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, the ability to listen, perseverance, organizational skills and above all a desire to serve others.


The after school drama program here at Saint Joseph Elementary School is designed to foster a love of the performing arts and give the students a positive theatrical experience in a supportive environment. The three-session program is directed by the school’s music teacher.

Interested students in grades 4-5 learn acting, singing and basic dance skills that are put together in rehearsal for an age appropriate musical performance for all to enjoy! Each program is designed to expand the children’s ability as they grow more and more comfortable on stage.

Student involvement in our drama program helps to build our community and enables children to work creatively. Exposing students to the world of theatre is a positive experience that will enable them to "think on their feet" as well as creatively work in a supportive environment. Our hope is that this drama experience will not only improve the students’ imagination and boost their self confidence, it will also develop a life-long appreciation for the Arts as they become more aware of the world around them.


What I love about Saint Joe's is the theatre program and my friends. —Jack


The primary responsibility of the choir is to provide music for the monthly First Friday Liturgies. However, the choir also participates in many all-school functions both in and out of the building, providing music for prayer services, concerts and assemblies.

The choir, directed by Mrs. Judith Pratt rehearses once a week on Wednesdays from 2:40-3:15 in the Music Room. In addition to singing at the monthly masses, the choir is featured in the school concerts in December and May and at other functions throughout the school year.



Saint Joseph Elementary School Band


Paul Effman Music will once again lead our band program for the elementary school. Students are grouped by instrument and level of performance. The band meets weekly for 30 minutes altogether, and then will additionally meet in small group for lessons. The Saint Joseph Elementary School band will host host two concerts through the year: the Christmas Performance and Spring Concerts.


Lunch Bunch

The library sponsors three book groups that meet on alternate months for third, fourth and fifth grade students. The group meets informally during lunch to discuss a book selected either by the librarians or by the students themselves. All are welcome, and there is no charge for this activity. The school supports this effort to encourage reading by purchasing multiple copies of each book chosen.

After School Clubs

Throughout the year, the teachers run various fun and age appropriate clubs for students from pre-K to grade 5. These after-school clubs are an hour long and cost $100 for eight weeks. Some of the activities that have been offered in the past include:

  • Flag football
  • Art Club
  • Building Club
  • Reading Club
  • Soccer Club
  • Legos
  • Games and Strategies Club
  • Journalism Club

Future Problem Solvers

Saint Joseph Elementary School FPS Team

The Future Problem Solving Program International's Mission is to develop the ability of young people globally to design and promote positive futures through problem solving using critical and creative thinking.

We are fortunate at Saint Joe's to have two faculty moderators, Ms. Sullivan and Ms. Doran, for our club. The club meets weekly as they practice challenges using the creative process.

Step 1: Identify Challenges

Step 2: Select an Underlying Problem

Step 3: Produce Solution Ideas

Step 4: Generate and Select Criteria

Step 5: Apply Criteria

Step 6: Develop an Action Plan