School Counseling Program

Saint Joseph Elementary School employs a licensed School Guidance Counselor who is responsible for implementing a comprehensive school counseling program based on the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) National Model. The central role of the School Counselor is to promote student success by supporting students with academic, social, emotional, and behavioral needs. This is done by providing direct services: classroom curriculum, small group counseling, individual student planning, and short-term counseling. Additionally, indirect services such as outside referrals for long-term support, collaboration with parents, teachers, administration, and outside clinicians, and advocacy for students in meetings are provided.

Parents who are concerned about their child should reach out to our School Counselor, Megan McShane, at ext. 135 or by email:

Please click on the link below to visit Ms. McShane's web page with more detailed information about the school's counseling program as well as resources for parents and students.

Ms. McShane's Page

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