Frequently Asked Questions


Need for Fundraising at Saint Joseph Schools?

Tuition does not cover the actual annual cost to educate a student. The difference between what is paid in tuition and the actual cost to educate our students must be made up by other resources. Saint Joseph Parish provides funds annually to close a portion of the gap. The remainder of the gap along with any enhancements to our current programs must be funded through donations to the Annual Fund and additional fund raising events.

What is the difference in giving to the Annual Fund vs. giving to other Development fundraisers?

The money raised is all used for the same purpose, to support Saint Joseph Parish Schools. The difference between giving to the Annual Fund and purchasing an item at one of the other fundraisers is that 100% of the money given to the Annual Fund is a donation. No merchandise is received for the donation, thus making the donation fully tax deductible. In addition, unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund provide maximum flexibility to apply funds where they are needed most and facilitate matching contributions from foundations and corporations.

Why are there so many fundraisers?

The Office of Development tries to provide a variety of fundraisers to appeal to our community. Some people prefer events and some prefer items to purchase. We strive to offer our St. Joseph Parish School families fundraisers in which they enjoy participating. While we do focus on FUN-raising and community-building while still raising money, the Annual Fund raises money to keep our school operational.

What fundraisers should I participate in?

As many or as few as you would like! Remember, the Annual Fund pays for things that have already been budgeted for and we would love to have 100% participation! We work hard on organizing our other fantastic events and fundraisers and would love your support in any way you can provide it.

Is the Annual Fund and Development fundraisers different from the other events at the Parish Schools?

We are very lucky to have an active school community, including our Parent Student Association (PSA). The events put on by PSA help to build community. If those events operate a profit, that money is put into other non-revenue generating PSA events throughout the year – they are not used as a funding source. Only the Annual Fund gifts and donations made at Development events go towards operating expenses.


What is the goal for the Development Office this school year?

Our target this year is to raise $250,000 – these funds will be used to pay for general operating budget items.

Why Contribute?

Every gift – no matter the size – will contribute to our ability to offer more and better opportunities to our students. Your donation is a vote of confidence and the catalyst for larger gifts and grants. It will also help ensure the financial security and continued success of Saint Joseph Parish Schools. Additionally, securing funds through the Annual Fund Campaign allows us to minimize tuition increases.

We always aim for 100% participation. High participation is an example of the stakeholders supporting the mission of Saint Joseph Parish Schools. It also greatly influences outside income sources when we apply for grants.

We ask each family to give generously, to the best of their ability. Most importantly, we want your involvement in this crucial effort. We appreciate gifts from parents, grandparents, extended family members, and friends. Alumni, parishioners, faculty and administration are all asked to give. You may participate in the Annual Fund through the gift of prayer.

How do I contribute?

You are welcome to stop by the office and leave your gift with the office staff. Likewise, you can mail a check to the school. Or you can make a donation online.