Homework plays an essential role in the education of the student. Homework reinforces material learned in the classroom and helps students learn responsibility and self-discipline to enable them to become independent learners.

In general, a student can expect to have between one and a half hours to two hours of homework each night. The amount of time a student should spend on homework will vary from student to student.

Students are assigned daily homework and long-term assignments. Teachers coordinate the schedule for long-term assignments so as not to over burden students. Students must budget their time when completing long-term assignments.

Long-term assignments constitute major portions of a student's grade. Failure to turn in a long-term project will have serious consequences. Students who do not have their assignments on the day that it is due will be given one additional day to complete and turn in the assignment. However, there will be a full grade deduction for any late assignments. No credit will be given for assignments not turned in after the one day late period.

Note to parents: Homework is the responsibility of the student.

Please refrain from bringing forgotten assignments to school. Students are required to use an assignment notebook that is issued by the school to record their assignments. It is advisable that you review the notebook from time to time. Credit will not be given when daily homework is not turned in on time. Teachers will make an attempt to contact parents should a student habitually not turn in homework or a major assignment. A student may be required to stay after school to complete missing homework.

Make-Up Work

Students who are absent from school should contact a classmate for assignments. Should a student miss a test or quiz, because of an absence, he or she must see the teacher on the day of return to schedule a time for make-up work.

Students who have been absent for more than two days can meet with teachers during reading period to ask for assignments or schedule make-up work or extra help. Should a teacher be unavailable during silent reading period, the student should speak with the teacher after their next scheduled class. Generally, teachers are available after school for one-half hour after dismissal. However, it is the responsibility of the student to schedule an appointment. Deadlines will be extended for students who have been absent for three or more consecutive days as a result of illness.

Should the absence extend beyond three days, a request should be made to collect assignments from the class teachers if the student is well enough to complete work at home. This work can be sent home with a friend or can be picked up in the Office on the following afternoon.