Today's preparation determines tomorrow's achievements.

The Guidance Office at Monsignor Haddad Middle School provides a variety of services to students- counseling, personal development education, academic monitoring and support, high school placement support, and referrals to professionals and community resources. For more information, contact Kelly Collins, Director of Guidance (781) 449-0133 X 142, kcollins@


The middle school years are very important to a child's personal development. Consequently, a main focus of the Guidance Office is to support the social, emotional, and academic growth of the students.

Personal counseling centers on specific issues of concern. Parents, teachers, and students may initiate referrals. The Director of Guidance will consult with parents if their is to be regular contact. Counseling issues include:

  • Peer acceptance/ conflict
  • Self image/ self esteem
  • Academic achievement/ goal setting/ learning issues/ study skills
  • Family issues-separation, divorce, new sibling, remarriage, adoption, moving, job loss, illness
  • Bereavement/ loss
  • Anxiety/ phobias/ self destructive behavior/ substance abuse

Group counseling brings small groups of students together to strengthen social connections or to assist students in dealing with problems.

  • Lunch groups- informal social interactions to expand and strengthen peer relationships
  • Conflict resolution- helping students solve problems through small group interaction
  • Problem solving- helping students work collaboratively to come up with solutions to a shared problem

Personal Development Education

Part of the Director Guidance's role involves educating groups of students about developmental issues and life skills in the classroom setting or in conjunction with the health curriculum. Topics include:

  • Middle school transition issues/ moving on to high school
  • Physical, emotional and intellectual changes of early adolescence
  • Coping strategies/ stress management/ problem solving techniques
  • Interpersonal relationship skills/communication

Academic Monitoring and Support

The Director of Guidance monitors academic progress through regular consultation with teachers, as well as a review of progress reports, report cards and standardized testing.