Our school nurses cover both the elementary and middle school students

"The nursing staff at St. Joes schools are phenomenal with food allergies. My son has several severe allergies and I feel completely safe sending him to school to have his snack, lunch and attend after school activities. The nurses think of everything that could be an issue ahead of time and my child feels secure and comfortable, knowing they are looking out for him.” - parent

The Health Office, staffed by one full-time registered nurse and two part-time nurses, serves students from the Elementary School and Middle School. The Health Office is responsible for providing necessary medical attention and treatment to all students by (1) responding to immediate needs on a daily basis, (2) preparing and overseeing proper and necessary treatment for students with ongoing medical needs.

In addition, the Health Office helps establish proper procedures for the general safety and well-being of the students and develops proper protocols for students with food and other life-threatening allergies.

No medications (including over-the-counter medications) are allowed in the schools without a written order from a doctor. Should a student need to take medication, proper documentation must be forwarded with the medication to the school nurse who will administer the medication at the prescribed time.

When students feel ill during the school day, they must notify their teacher or the School Office. They are then escorted to the Health Office. The school nurse will make a determination whether or not a child should be sent home or remain in school.

During the year, the school nurse arranges mandated screening for vision and hearing. A postural screening is also scheduled. Referral notices will be sent if a follow-up medical examination is deemed necessary.

Parents are responsible for completing and providing all the necessary health paper work before a child can be allowed to attend school. Immunizations, as required by the Board of Health, must be up-to-date. The school nurse will advise parents when immunizations are necessary.

Our school nurses, Mrs. Brett, Mrs. Ratto, and Mrs. Cedrone are here to help. Please feel free to contact the Health Office at any time at (781) 449-0133 x 213.