Money back programs present opportunities to earn additional money for our schools!

Recycling paper, clipping Box Tops, or shopping on-line all provide opportunities to earn money for our schools.

Parents, grandparents, alumni, neighbors and friends can all show their support for the Saint Joseph Parish Schools by participating in these programs.

Please spread the word!

Box Tops for Education

We raise in excess of $1,500 each year - keep clipping those Box Tops!

Register at It takes just 5 minutes, won’t fill your mailbox with spam, encourages you to enter monthly contests for thousands of Box Tops, and allows you to shop online to earn money for our schools.

Be careful not to cut off the expiration date as we cannot submit them (or count them) if the date is missing. Look for special contests during the fall and spring in the elementary school. You can submit your Box Tops to your teacher.

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Recycling Program

We want your paper!

Our schools have signed on with a recycling company to earn money back for recycled paper. We earn by the TON!

You can help out by recycling the following items from your home. Dump them in the YELLOW DUMPSTER in the school parking lot:

Newspapers/insertsMagazines, catalogs, phone books and other paperback books. Junk mail, office paper, brown paper bags, Paperboard (cracker & cereal boxes)

Amazon Smile Online Shopping

The Amazon Smile program allows you to donate 0.5% of all your purchases on to charity. Saint Joseph Elementary School and Monsignor Haddad Middle School are both registered with Amazon Smile. Any gifts made through this go directly to the school to benefit the students. You can register here at: