Mrs. Corcoran

Welcome to 7th Grade Pre-Algebra & 8th Grade Algebra!

This year in grade 7, we will be using our 6th grade skills to help us explore the exciting world of pre-algebra, which prepares us for more real-life problem solving by using abstract expressions and equations. We will use precise mathematical language and collaborative practice to become more confident communicators.

This year in grade 8, we will be covering a full course of Algebra 1, starting with a review of expressions and equations introduced in 7th grade and continuing to solve real world problems using more complex equations. Operating and factoring polynomials are some of the new skills we will master. We will explore linear functions and other functions, ending with the quadratic equation. Being prepared to start high school as confident math students is our collective goal.


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Practice Makes Perfect...or at least gets us closer to it!!

Students in 7th and 8th grade can expect to receive on average about 30 minutes of homework each night. If an assignment exceeds 30 minutes and a parent feels that a student is not able to finish, the parent may sign the student's homework with the time spent.

Homework is important not only because it provides practice of a learned skill, but also because it encourages improved time management and confidence in your understanding and application of concepts.

Remember to show all steps in your work and label and date each assignment. Use your homework folder to transport assignments and then file in your binder. Finally please clean out and organize your binders and folders regularly.

Math Links

Grade 7 Textbook Links

Online edition of Pre-Algebra textbook
Use this website to access resources from the common core Pre-Algebra text.

Username: Haddad7

Passcode: Grade7

These are case-sensitive.

PH School
The website contains good skill practice and quizzes that correlate with the lessons from the text... especially helpful for students who have been absent or are having trouble with homework or to help prepare for quizzes and tests.

Use this with the McDougal Littell Pre-Algebra text to help understand lessons from the text or to take quizzes at home in preparation for quizzes and tests in class.

Grade 8 Textbook Links

Online edition of Algebra text

User name: Haddad8

Passcode: Grade8

These are case-sensitive.

Virtual tutor lessons :

web code: ate 0775


Challenge Problems

Hot Math (tutorial practice)

Other Links

Use this website to create a graph or answer challenging questions or to take a math quiz!

FDP practice
This is a good review and practice for fraction/decimal/percent conversions.

GCF lesson
Greatest Common Factor