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Social Studies Expectations


Students will come to every class on time and prepared.

* The “am I prepared?” checklist:

□ textbook (always covered)

□ blue or black AND red pens

□ assignment notebook

□ completed homework

□ 3 ring binder (organized according to the binder set up handout)

□ Plenty of loose leaf paper (kept in your binder)




* All assignments will be checked and graded.

* You must have a proper heading on your homework. See below for a proper heading:

* Answers must be complete. Complete answers are:

□ in full sentences written in blue or black ink

□ on a full sheet(s) of loose-leaf paper

□ with a proper heading

* All homework assignments are due at the next class meeting.

* Assignments will be posted on school website.

* Typed homework assignments are not expected but will be accepted.

Tests and Quizzes


* Tests will be on every chapter after it’s been discussed in class.

~ The subject matter will come from the textbook, class discussions, any additional assigned readings and homework

* Quizzes may or may not be announced.

~ The subject matter will come from the current section in the textbook, homework and class discussion. If you keep up with the class discussion/homework, you will do great.

Late Work

Late Work:

* There is a high expectation that all work will be turned in on the date it is due.

* Late work will be accepted no later than the day of that chapter’s test.

* Students are responsible for finding out what work they are missing.

* Absences: the homework is due upon your return to class; tests and quizzes will be made up only before or after school within 1 week upon your return to school.



* Students will be graded on participation.

~ Participation included being on time, being prepared, answering questions, listening respectfully to others.

~ Students will lose participation points for disruptive behavior.

Additional Information

Additional information:

* Binder checks will be made on a periodic basis.

* Copying of anything other than notes is considered cheating. It will result in a zero for that assignment both for you as well as the student you are copying from.

* I am available at any time to answer any questions. This includes before or after class, before or after school or at a pre-arranged meeting.

* Keep this sheet in the front of your Social Studies binder in a page protector so you can refer back to it during the year.

6th Grade Information

6th Grade Textbooks

Geography: Tools and Concepts
Jacobs, Heidi Hayes., Brenda Randolph, and Michal LeVasseur. Geography: Tools and Concepts. Needham, MA: Prentice Hall, 2001.

The Ancient World
Jacobs, Heidi Hayes., Brenda Randolph, and Michal LeVasseur. The Ancient World. Needham, MA: Prentice Hall, 2003.

Country Report

It is time for the Country Report! Check back here for important information.

Click here for the rubrics.

Click here for the parent letter.

Click here for the bibliography worksheet part 1.

Click here for the bibliography worksheet part 2.


Chapter 7 test is Wednesday, May 22.

Click here for the Chapter 7 study guide.

Want to try a Chapter 7 practice test? Click here.

8th Grade Information

8th Grade Textbook

The American Nation
Davidson, James West., Michael B. Stoff, and Herman J. Viola. The American Nation. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall in Association with American Heritage, 2005.

The American Nation


Click here for the graduation letter to parents.

Final Exam

Social Studies Final Exam date: Friday, May 24

Click here for study guide.

Click here for practice test with answers.

Washington, DC trip

The 8th grade trip to Washington, DC will take place May 4-8, 2020. Click here to see the 2019 itinerary.


8th grade students visit the Edward M Kennedy Institute for the US Senate where they all became "Senators For A Day".

MHMS students lay a wreath every year at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery. It is an incredible honor and the highlight of our Exploratory Week.
Dr. Terrence Roberts, one of the Little Rock Nine, visits MHMS. Dr. Roberts spoke to the student body on the importance of resilience and forgiveness.


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