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Study Hall

Study Hall provides students in grades 5-8 with an opportunity to complete their homework or schoolwork in a supervised environment after school.  Students must register for Study Hall at the beginning of the month to participate.  Please check your calendars for extracurricular activities before registering for Study Hall.
When: Monday- Thursday, 2:40- 4:15 pm (excluding early release days)
Where: Students will meet in the school library and will work at tables in cohorts and socially distanced.  Upper grade teachers will supervise and assist students.
Pick up: Study Hall concludes at 4:15. Students may be dismissed prior to this time with written permission from their parent/guardian. At 4:15, all remaining students will be dismissed and once they exit the building, they will no longer be supervised.
Expectations:  Study Hall is for students to work on homework and get extra help from teachers.  If students finish homework early, it is expected that they will work quietly on other assignments.  Students who do not meet these expectations will be asked not to participate in Study Hall.

Study Hall Fees ($13.00 daily)

We will charge your FACTS account weekly. By having your child attend Study Hall, you agree to have your FACTS account charged.