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  • Saint Joseph School Travel Policy

    As a reminder, the state has issued a travel order that restricts travel to states that are considered higher risk. Saint Joseph School requires a negative test result (PCR only, per Saint Joseph School guidelines) 72 hours prior to returning to Massachusetts or upon immediate return to the state. Alternatively, students may elect to not test and complete a 10-day quarantine after returning from a higher risk state. Although the state does not mandate this policy for children 10 and under, Saint Joseph School is requiring this for all students to enter the building. This includes ski trips to your own homes, travel via car or air, or any other plans to leave the state. We have the remote option available to families who choose to travel and ask that you please stay home upon returning from trips until you have been cleared to return by the Health Office.

    The Health Office will not be working over the weekend to review results. Please do not arrive to school on Monday morning and wait in the parking lot for clearance. You need to plan for a delayed start on Monday morning or clearance to come back to school on Tuesday. Our Health Office has been working around the clock and everyone needs to be patient while they review and provide the OK for a return to school.

    All COVID-19 test results, including because of traveling out-of-state, need to be sent directly to our Health Office: