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6th Grade Math and Resource Room

Resource Room

Welcome to the Middle School Resource Room. Students with Individualized Educational Plans come here five days during a seven day schedule. They attend the resource room in place of taking Spanish. We work on organizational skills, test taking strategies, reading, math, writing, and content area subjects. My goal is for students to develop confidence in their ability to achieve academic success.

I act as a liaison among parents, classroom teachers, tutors, and other specialists to ensure maximum success for each student. Feel free to contact me at 781-449-0133 extension 143 or email

Welcome to 6th Grade Math

This year in grade 6 we will be mastering all the skills you have learned in elementary school and deepening our understanding of concepts that will be needed in middle school math and in real life. Making connections between practical math skills and more abstract ideas is one of our goals this year. We will also collaborate with our peers to analyze our work, make corrections, and communicate strategies.

Math Resources

Textbook Links

Online edition of Grade 6 textbook
This website will allow you to view and print pages from the textbook and workbook. You will also be able to practice skills and get help on concepts as well as use the virtual tutor. You will need the following information to access this website:

Username: Haddad6 Passcode: Grade6 These are case-sensitive and are included on the Grade 6 Textbook sheet of paper given out at the beginning of the year which includes information on homework and grading.

Online edition of Pre-Algebra textbook
Use this website to access resources from the common core Pre-Algebra text. Username: Haddad7 Passcode: Grade7 These are case-sensitive. You may use these in some of your lab activities.

PH School
The website contains good skill practice and quizzes that correlate with the lessons from the text... especially helpful for students who have been absent or are having trouble with homework or to help prepare for quizzes and tests.

Use this with the McDougal Littell Pre-Algebra text to help understand lessons from the text or to take quizzes at home in preparation for quizzes and tests in class.

Other Links

Use this website to create a graph or answer challenging questions or to take a math quiz!

FDP practice
This is a good review and practice for fraction/decimal/percent conversions.

GCF lesson
Greatest Common Factor

Homework Math Six

9/10 Pages 6-7, # 7-33 ; Copy Key Concepts - Properties of Multiplication on page 5 into the "classwork section" of your binder

9/11 Do two worksheets - Lesson 1-1 (both sides) & Practice 1-1.

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