Mrs. Police

Welcome to the Monsignor Haddad Middle School Technology Lab!

I look forward to reconnecting with students as well as meeting new ones during the upcoming 2018-2019 academic year.
In the tech lab, grades 6 through 8 will be working with the following Microsoft Office 365 productivity tools: Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint as well as Publisher. We will be honing our skills in each of these programs and gradually adding new features as we progress. Glogster, Quizlet Live and Tagxedo will also be part of our computer projects. Use of the Internet will include digital citizenship, web safety, research skills, making citations, collaborative work, webquests, and virtual tours. We will be using Code Academy as well as to introduce programming.
Once again I will be working with students to complete many interesting technology/curriculum integrated projects in coordination with classroom teachers.
I envision a very productive year in the Technology Lab!

We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world.

– David Warlick

Grade 6 Projects

To begin this school year we will we assessing Grade 6 Technology Skills prior to starting our first project. Most of our project are co curricular.

Example of one of our future projects:

In collaboration with Religion class, we will be creating a Timeline of Israel using the shapes in Microsoft Word 365. This will require desktop publishing skills to format al the elements in this Timeline.

Next we will be creating a country "Glog" using our country report information as a guide. A "Glog" is an online interactive poster. This poster will include scrolling text boxes filled with information, images, embedded links and videos. MHMS has a Glogster subscription in for all students.

Grade 7 Projects

We will begin the school year with an overview of our technology policies and prepare out profiles for the upcoming school year. Our first project will be in conjunction with the seventh grade's first field trip to the Massachusetts Historical Society and The Boston Tea Part Museum.

One of our future projects:

Grade seven is completing a PowerPoint presentation based on a US President or First Lady.

The students will be using all of the new features in PowerPoint 365 to enhanced their project. As part of their assessment, they will be presenting their project to the class.

Grade 8 Projects

We will begin the school year with an overview of our technology policies and prepare out profiles for the upcoming school year. Our first project will be in conjunction with the eight grade's first field trip to The Edward Kennedy Center for the Senate.

A future project:

Grade eight is working in teams as travel agents!! The project is to create an electronic Travel Brochure to highlight a US state. They will be using PowerPoint to build, and design their presentation. We have complied some audio files which they will add to their presentation. Part of their assignment is to convince viewers to visit their state. They will present to the class and may include props.

Study Skills Grade 6

Students in 6th Grade Study Skills will:
  • Learn to budget time
  • Create study schedules
  • Develop good organizational habits and skills
  • Plan for long range and short range assignments
  • Establish a study system
  • Create an appropriate study environment
  • Learn best practices for note taking
  • Develop listening skills

Our course will be divided up by Trimester into three general categories:

Tri One: Organization
Tri Two: Study
Tri 3: Skills

Office 365

To Retrieve Your Docs


This can be used on an iPad, MacBook or PC.

Open your web browser and type in:

You will be at the Office 365 portal.

Type in your username:

Your first and last name are all lowercase

Check the box that reads keep me signed in*

*(exception: if you have more than one student at MHMS) do not check keep me signed it

Type in your school password

You will know you are on the site when you see the 365 icons shown below.


To view your documents click on the cloud icon.

To edit you can use online Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Publisher and then save your work.

To access worksheets, rubrics etc. from Sharepoint sites click the blue sites icon right next to the cloud. You are invited to share grade level curriculum sites and can access these documents from each of the class folders.