Ms. McCabe

El año escolar 2018-2019

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!

Class Expectations & Requirements

-All school rules are to be followed in this classroom.

-Listen to and be respectful of everyone in the classroom.

-Turn assignments in on time.

-This is SPANISH class. Work for other courses should not be brought into or discussed in class.



  • Please keep all notes and handouts organized – they will be checked periodically
  • Your tabs should be: Notes, Homework, Handouts and Tests/Quizzes



-A Spanish dictionary (not required, but good to have for home)

*Please have all materials with you everyday, unless instructed otherwise.

-Do your OWN work. No translators are to be used to complete any assignments.

-Homework: In addition to written assignments, you will be expected to review your class notes every night.

-Homework is checked at the beginning of class. In order to receive full credit, it must be in on time, and show effort towards completing it. If you have trouble or miss an assignment, see me before class that day. Homework can be collected and graded. There may also be binder/book checks that will count as HW grades.

-HW assignments are put up on my website on a daily basis. Assignments will also be posted/discussed in class.

-If you are absent, ask a friend about missed assignments or check the website. Homework should be passed in the day you return. If you miss a lesson or are absent for an extended period, please see me.

-ONE HW grade per trimester will be dropped.

-Tests/Projects: 35%

-Quizzes: 30%

-Homework: 20%

-Classwork/Participation: 15%


Helpful sites/links:

-Textbook resources:


-Verb, grammar, pronunciation practice:

-Conjugation practice:

-Grammar or vocabulary practice:

-Prayers: Oraciones

Some more helpful resources:


Come for extra help. I will be available most days before school and M-Th after school.

Your parents
Ask them to check your work or to quiz you before tests.

Flash cards
Studying vocabulary is easier if you make flash cards with English and Spanish on them. Take a few minutes every night to review.

Try some of the apps we have used or talked about in class.

Native speakers
If you know a native speaker - try your best to communicate with them whenever possible.

Textbook and workbook
Always consult your textbook and workbook whenever you are studying or wish to check for accuracy.

Homework Calendar

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Jun 30
Mon, Jul 1
Tue, Jul 2
Wed, Jul 3
Thu, Jul 4
Fri, Jul 5
Sat, Jul 6
Sun, Jul 7
Mon, Jul 8
Tue, Jul 9
Wed, Jul 10
Thu, Jul 11
Fri, Jul 12
Sat, Jul 13
Sun, Jul 14
Mon, Jul 15
Tue, Jul 16
Wed, Jul 17
Thu, Jul 18
Fri, Jul 19
Sat, Jul 20
Sun, Jul 21
Mon, Jul 22
Tue, Jul 23
Wed, Jul 24
Thu, Jul 25
Fri, Jul 26
Sat, Jul 27
Sun, Jul 28
Mon, Jul 29
Tue, Jul 30
Wed, Jul 31
Thu, Aug 1
Fri, Aug 2
Sat, Aug 3