Miss Boland

Welcome to 3B!

We will become scientists, historians, authors, illustrators, performers, and friends. Every day, we will explore new things and ask questions. We will play, sing, work, explore, solve, and learn together.

I feel privileged to be spending the school year with such bright and talented young people. Each day will be special for your child I look forward to learning along side third grade 3B students!

3B News



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Scholastic Books

We order through Scholastic each month. Please email for more information on signing up with our class for the first time.

The one time code is NGHGY


Specials Schedule

Monday: Music!

Tuesday: Library and Gym (wear your gym uniform)!

Wednesday: Art!

Thursday: STREAM!

Friday: Spanish!

Share Your Gifts and Talents

There will be several opportunities for students to share their own gifts and talents throughout the year. If you would like to share your gifts and talents with our class, please reach out! It is a pleasure to have parents come in to read books, do activities, or teach something special.

Mystery Reader

Links for Students


Homework will be assigned daily Monday through Thursday. Students will be completing homework in the subjects below:

  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Math
  • Wordly Wise

Special projects may be assigned throughout the year.

Weekly Newsletter

Grade 3 Subjects


At Saint Joe's, we use enVisions Math.

We will begin the school year using number lines to help round numbers as well as addition properties. Students will use strategies to mentally add and subtract numbers.

Some ideas to continue learning and practicing at home:

  • Engage in "number talks." Ask mental math questions about numbers around you. Have your child explain how they got the answer.
  • Have students practice math facts and quick addition/subtraction as a fun game in the car!


We will be reading and writing in all subject in 3B! We will write to show what we have learned, and we will read to learn more!

We use the Houghton Mifflin Reading program. This program is broken into themes which include different types of literature and comprehension skills. We also learn about basic elements of a story. I supplement this program with all types of literature about cross curricular and seasonal topics.

The Collins Writing program is used throughout the school. We use Focus Correction Areas (FCAs) to help students focus on third grade level writing skills. Collins Writing involves curriculum content while engaging students in writing, thinking, speaking, and drawing.


    The Sadlier Religion We Believe program is a wonderful and thoughtful approach to teaching students about God and Jesus. We place our focus on Catholic Identity, the life of Jesus, and Creation. We also learn about many of the Saints and the lives that they lead. Please visit the We Believe website for more information, activities, and games.



    Our year in science will begin with the engineering design process! We will create projects throughout the next several weeks.

    Social Studies

    Our social studies will focus on Massachusetts this year. It will be so exciting to learn about the place in which we live! Students will begin the first several weeks of school by learning about maps!