Ms. Harris ~ Welcome to Art!

Why is art important for a child?

Art classes teach children to:

Start a dialogue Experiment with materials Find their voice Self-evaluate
Make connections Learn from their mistakes Embrace diversity Have an opinion See another point of view Clean up Break away from stereotypes Appreciate beauty!

Click here for the 2019 Student Art Show


Congratulations to all our amazing SJES artists on a successful art show!










About Me

Hello! My name is Robin Harris, and this is my second year teaching art here at St. Joe's. My children attended both here and MHMS, so being here feels like being home! I am passionate about God, children, and art, so I know this is the right place for me. I have my degree in art as well as endless enthusiasm for all things creative, and I look forward to sharing that with your children. I live in Sharon with my two children, Hanna Jane (17), Mason (15) and our Boston Terrier named Bree. In my free time I enjoy reading, taking art classes and walking bitty Bree.

Prayer of Creativity ~ SEEK

Lord help me to SEEK you first in all that I do.

Guide my heart and my mind to be BRAVE and to take risks,

make mistakes and grow. Amen.

student portfolios go home on the last art class of the year