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Welcome to Mrs. Howard's 5C Classroom. This website is your guide to our classroom. It holds all the information you and your child need to know, what is expected of students, and what is needed to prepare for each class. Our class is based on mutual respect for God, ourselves, fellow classmates, instructors, and guests.


Grading is composed of the following: 

Tests, Essays and Projects 

Quizzes/Short Responses


Classwork, Preparedness, Participation 

 Extra Learning: I will be available each Wednesday from 2:45-3:20 to assist students with questions pertaining to English Language Arts and Science. Periodically I may request a student attend, or you may also request attendance. Please let me know 24 hours in advance, if possible, that your child will be attending.



Monday: Library and STREAM

Tuesday : Gym

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music

Friday: Spanish 


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Classroom News

A reminder that 5th grade switches classes every day. Please contact the teacher directly for questions you may have regarding that subject. For the students in 5C : Mrs. Howard teaches Religion, ELA , Greek and Latin Roots, Wordly Wise and Grammar . Mr. Rodis teaches Math, Mrs. Fiumara teaches Social Studies.

Extra Learning from Mrs. Howard is available on WEDNESDAY afternoons. Please let me know if you are attending.

Updates from Room 5C -- You will find weekly news updates from the fifth grade and 5C in this area:

Update from 5C January 24, 2020

Newsletter 5C January 24, 2020

Next week will certainly fly by as we kick off Catholic Schools Week. Please note, that I forgot to send home the Friday folders today--- There was a handout outlining Catholic Schools Week activities at St. Joe’s.  Please contact me if you need information for Monday’s activities – Community Day.

Likewise, there were a few club flyers. The clubs listed for fifth grade include: BOK on Wednesday mornings, Study Skills with Mrs. Paulino on Tuesday afternoons, and information to independently enroll in After School Public Speaking with the Rose Institute 

I will send the enrollment form home on Monday, but please let me know if you child is interested – you can send the $100 fee to secure a spot and I will let the office know. Please accept my apologies.

Religion – We completed our unit on Confirmation and will begin our unit on Eucharist next week. I heard from many that they will attend the 9:30 AM Mass at St. Joseph’s to kick off Catholic Schools Week. Students will earn a TAG day if they are present in their uniforms. I hope to see you there.

ELA:  As we continue our study of fantasy reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, students have been reading, discussing, taking notes, writing journal entries and making connections as they read. Students used their notes today to complete a reading comprehension check. There will be a few more of these during the novel.  As we approach the climax of the novel, students are starting to pull all the pieces together. Throughout the rising action, students have discussed foreshadow and have noted changes in the characters.  Some of the ideas we are discussing are good vs evil, loyalty, courage and forgiveness. As a component of reading, students have engaged in reading “Time For Kids” and answering text based questions. These assignments are designed to provide practice for standardized testing with engaging articles. This week in writing, students returned to reviewing how to write answers to complex text-based questions. As this skill seemed new this year, more practice is needed as students master how to plan for longer quality responses in shorter periods of time.

Science: This week students continued and completed research for the parts of a flower. On Wednesday, we completed our discussion focusing on plant adaptations and succession, and we moved into discussion and reading focused on animal adaptations, natural selection, and species extinction. Next week, we will complete chapter 3 with lessons focused on life cycles and metamorphosis. Our focus this week returned how to properly read an informational text, such as a section in a textbook. Students practiced locating the main idea and supporting details, including examples. The plan is to complete the lessons in chapter 3 by the middle of next week and take a chapter test on Tuesday, February 4th.  There is a Quizlet available for students, but please know it includes material not yet covered. 

Social Studies- This week students were introduced to our study of the Revolutionary War.  We have connected how the French and Indian War indirectly was one of the causes of this next war.  We began by talking about what is worth fighting for and how people can “fight” without using violence.  This led us to our discussion about boycotts, protests and speeches.  We then looked at how the anger escalated, and how the fighting went from peaceful protests and boycotts to events like the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. We read about Patrick Henry’s speeches and how he tried to excite the colonists to fight for the cause of liberty. Finally, we have begun looking at the first battles of the Revolution.  While learning about these important events in history, students are practicing notetaking and are also keeping track of important dates as we will begin making timelines next week.

Math: This week in math, we started chapter eight which is on Numerical Expressions, Patterns, and Relationships. We are starting to review order of operations and the acronym PEMDAS. Students solved a lot of practice problems and will continue to do more next week. We learned new math terminology like variables, numerical expressions, and algebraic expressions. Students are building a vast math vocabulary that will help them on word problems.