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May 17, 2019

Dear 2A Families,

              2A has been abuzz with The Engineering and Design process this week! We are in the works of some exciting creations! We had to work hard at every content area, so we could get to science every afternoon.  


As we continued our study of historical fiction, we took a trip through time. We started in the 1600s with a story about Anne Hutchinson. We learned that Anne Hutchinson was a real person that was persecuted for preaching in private meetings. We analyzed the story, Anne Hutchinson’s Way, to decipher between facts and fiction. We moved on to the early 1800s and the Westward Expansion. We learned about The Oregon Trail. We studied maps and timelines to get a sense of this period. We read Papa and the Pioneer Quilt. This story talks about the journey of a small girl who collected pieces of fabric along her journey from Missouri to Oregon. We looked at the late 1800s as we studied the life and events of John Muir. We read a biography about John Muir to build background knowledge about him. Then we read Squirrel and John Muir. This was about the relationship between John Muir and a girl who loved nature as much as Muir. We studied the character development of the girl. We also looked at the realistic parts of John Muir that were represented in the book. Our focus this week was to look at the parts of historical fiction that are based on truth, and those parts that are embellished for entertainment.


On Monday, we had the best math centers! We learned how to measure the length of our jumps. We compared them to other jumps in our group. We also compared them against our own jumps. Some students even continued this math center on their own during indoor recess!

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we practiced measuring standard and nonstandard items. We learned that you can use a string to help measure curvy objects. This will come in handy when we measure our science constructions. In addition, we learned how to add multiple measurements together to find the perimeter of a two-dimensional figure.

On Friday, we were assessed in our ability to measure, estimate and use standard and nonstandard units of measure. We were able to work for 30 minutes on this assessment, which shows thorough understanding of the multiple steps in measurement.


This week was the week we have all waited for! We started our roller coaster construction! Each group was given three foam tracks and one roll of duct tape. Every roller coaster has been designated a name and a signature design. We are using the force of gravity and friction to help our marble make its way through the track. As we study energy and friction, there is no better way to understand this concept! The hands-on approach of this project has allowed for so many educated conversations between student groups and educators. Each building session, we are moving between the create stage and the improve stage. We are learning that Engineering and Design in truly a process that is not linear or finite.


·       We have entered the Month of Mary. As a tribute to the Mother of the Church, we learned about Mary’s important role in the life of Jesus. We learned that she never turned away from Jesus. She turned to him at The Wedding of Cana and asked him to help the people. Jesus, in turn, has tremendous honor and respect for his Mother that he obeyed her. We took time to learn The Hail Mary, without the distractions of anything else. We wrote the prayer in cursive, so we took our time. We colored in The Rosary to prepare for our School Rosary next Thursday.

Social Studies

This week we focused on the evolution of technology. We looked at how refrigerators, televisions, telephones and vehicles have changed over time. We looked at old-fashioned photos to see what features they always had, and which have developed and changed over time. In addition, we specifically studied The History of the Bicycle and Sending Messages. We read nonfiction books that included illustrations, diagrams and timelines that helped us understand the development of these pieces of technology. We learned that the bicycle wasn’t safe at first, because there was one large wheel in front and a small wheel in back. We also learned that sending messages has always been a part of human behavior. We are social beings and have always needed to communicate to others across distances, whether to warn of danger or preach.


              Next Thursday is The School Rosary. We will head to the lower church at 10:15. Please join us in prayer if you can make it. This is a very special way to honor Mary. In addition, your child may have received new Rosary Beads for First Holy Communion. This is a great opporunity to use these beads. Either way, please send in a pair of Rosary beads for this event.

              Also on Thursday, we will have the Staff/5th Grade Basketball game in the afternoon. Mrs. Paulino will be representing the staff on the cheerleading squad!

              Next Friday is an Early Release. Dismissal will be at 12:15. Please let us know if there are any dismissal changes to your child’s routine.

              Friday is also a Beach Day for a ReflexMath celebration! As a school, we hit over 1,000 green lights in the month of April! Please dress in appropriate beach attire. Every child should still be able to participate in all activities of the day. The weather report says sunny and 72, so we may be blessed with perfect weather! However, we will be out on the playground for recess, and sometimes a hula skirt doesn’t quite work well with rope ladders, slides and poles!

              Have a great weekend! Sunshine and warmth is headed our way!



                                                                                          Mrs. Paulino

                                                                                          Mrs. Kilgarriff