Mrs. Topham

Welcome to 4B!

I love fourth graders! They are my favorite in all the school! I get excited when I see how my students grow, learn, explore, and think beyond their wildest dreams! It is a thrill to be a part of this transformation! But the best part of all is how we help each other to grow in the love of Jesus.

Grade Level Overview

Grade four at Saint Joseph Elementary School is a year full of excitement and personal growth. We learn about ourselves as students and our world around us. It is the best grade of all, just ask us!

What is a fourth grader?

No two children are the same, thanks be to God! However there are certain traits that fourth graders generally exhibit. First, they value friendships. They love to help one another and work well in pairs. They generally work hard and want to do well. Connecting themselves to learning is a necessary component to the learning process. They love to collect things. They respond well to humor and are developing their own sense of humor. They love to talk things over. They demand fairness and see the world as fair and unfair, just and unjust, right and wrong. Fourth graders are seeking to know more about the Lord and are so open to prayer. They are honest and expect others to be also. In short, they are wonderfully and beautifully made!

"Some people come in your life as blessings.

Some come in your life as lessons." (St. Mother Teresa)


Resources for 4B (An excellent website listing many resources that will be handy for our fourth grade students) (This software website includes many interactive games that will help to study various skills)

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