Ms. Federico

Hello Everyone! Well, school starts tomorrow for me and for many of you!  Today, I want to share with you something just for you! I have shared the Teacher's Promise, and the Star Polisher ideas befor


January dates

                  23 ~ Prayer & Pick Up 1C                                 Rosary in the lower church                           at  2:10pm

23 ~ STREAM night at 6pm

26 ~ Sunday Mass at 9:30 wear your uniform and earn a tag day

27 ~ Mass at 9am for                            Catholic Schools Week

28 ~ early release day

30 ~ Parent Appreciation Breakfast                         at 8am in the HUB and                        1C classroom visit follows


Dear 1C Parents and Students,

It's been a wonderful few weeks of learning.  I love the January curriculum because we focus on non-fiction texts and writing an informative paragraph.   If your child has not logged into Reflex, then it’s a perfect time to recommit learning those fast facts. 

 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email.              Love, Ms. Federico

Reading Understanding the organization of non-fiction books will build comprehension.  Non-fiction books have certain text features (different fonts, captions, headings, vocabulary, facts, information, table of contents, index, charts, graphs, maps, glossary).  Also, comprehension of informative texts includes understanding the main idea and supporting details.  Students will be reading many non-fiction books and we are lucky to have a subscription to Time for Kids magazines and RAZ-kids for a wide variety of titles.

Science We are studying animal adaptations.  The objective for this unit is for students to be able to understand that an animal’s traits allow the animal to survive and produce offspring.  Students will examine an animal’s physical traits, otherwise known as structural traits.  Also, we will learn behavioral traits, otherwise known as instincts.  Both allow the animal to: 

Ø  get air

Ø  find food and water

Ø  build or find shelter

Ø  protect themselves against predators (camouflage, play dead)

Ø  tolerate extreme weather (ex. grow fur to stay warm or hibernate)

Ø  move from place to place (migrate)

Ø  communicate/signal with others in their group or with their young

    Our Specials

MONDAY ~ gym ~ please come to school in your gym uniform

TUESDAY ~ music and Spanish


THURSDAY ~ Library ~ please return your borrowed book each week

FRIDAY ~ art

Always a fun day...Picture Day!                           

This student is working on her small moment narrative during writing workshop.

These students are in the plan stage of the engineering design process.  Students collaborate on possible solutions to a problem we read about in a story.  We call this engineering a story.   

Thank you to all who donated so generously to our FUN RUN!  The First Graders ran their hearts out for our wonderful school!  We were all smiles!

At Saint Joseph Elementary School we...

Seek God first * Strive for academic excellence

Share our gifts and talents * Serve each other and our world

In 1C we follow the Mission Statement whole-heartedly.  The Mission guides behaviors and expectations for teaching and learning.  In 1C we have only one rule, The Golden Rule, which is treating others the way you would like to be treated.  That’s all you will ever need to remember.  


ALLERGY note:  We are an allergy aware school.  In 1C we will be peanut, tree nut, and coconut free classroom.  


Parents, please pack your child's morning snack in a separate brown bag.  The morning classroom snack will be peanut, tree nut, and coconut free.  For lunch, your child can enjoy all foods.  

                                              Image result for streamworks

We are big STREAM-ers in grade one.  You will recall STREAM is the integration of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math within a unit of study.  Therefore, parents, if you have an expertise in one of these areas, I would love for you to come in and speak to the class!


Parents are welcome to come in and read a story to the class on your child's special day.  

In school, we will count down until your child's special day; your child will wear favorite play clothes to school, we will send home a card, your child is line leader for the day!

Image result for birthday clipart in school

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Homework MONDAY through THURSDAY:

1.  Reflex Math fast facts

2.  Fundations packet for spelling patterns

3.  Please read each evening and RAZ is available for online books

Friday and Holidays- Please have your child read and play educationally enriched games

Reflex  math is an online program to reinforce math facts.  When students know their math facts, then it is easier to solve word problems.  

RAZ is an online program with many books and comprehension questions.

Engineering Design Challenge to build the tallest tower using 15 cups.  Just one of our fun centers at the Halloween Party.  Thank you to all the parents for helping us!

Is there anything better than pajama day on a freezing day?  

Acknowledging Officer John, from the Needham Police Department for serving our country in the Marine Corps.  We are thankful for you on Veterans Day and always.

We shopped til we dropped!  Thank you to the parent volunteers who made this one of the best Santa Workshop days!