Ms. Federico

What an amazing week! The 1C-ers were focused and that meant we accomplished so much curriculum! I’m so proud of the progress each child is making. We laugh so much each day too! I’m very lucky!

We were visited by our garden guru, Sue O’Malley. Mrs. O’Malley, our First Grade Blooms community leader, worked in our classroom this week. She helped the students plant a variety of vegetables. Having studied what plants need to grow in the fall, students will be responsible for caring for the seeds and eventually transplanting the seeds in the garden when the weather warms up.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach me. Have a restful weekend.

Love, Ms. Federico


We take time each day to share moments that are bringing us closer to Jesus. The students lead in prayer and share their intentions. We also keep a journal of prayers the students have written. In this journal is a chart marking the days of Lent. I loved reading the prayer your child wrote for homework this week. I will add it to our journal for keeping.


Serve each other and our world!

At Saint Joe's we value our connection to Franciscan Children's. We want the staff and patients to know we are thinking of them!

At Saint Joseph Elementary School we...

Seek God first * Strive for academic excellence

Share our gifts and talents * Serve each other and our world

The 1Cers are sending thoughts to the Mass Maritime ship, TSKennedy. We followed their sea term from January 7 through February 22. Curriculum connections were geography skills, use of math skills, and letter writing.


We are lucky at Saint Joe's to have Reflex Math, an online fast facts program. Using a password and account created specifically for your child, please log on three nights each week so your child becomes fluent in this skill and will lead to solving more challenging problems.


Reflex Math fast facts

phonics worksheet for spelling test on Fridays

Please read each evening!

Friday- Enjoy your weekend!

Holidays- Please have your children read and play educationally enriched games- this will help them when they return back to school.

Introducing the Reflex Competition

Beginning on Monday, April 1st, we are challenging students to log onto Reflex as much as possible to earn green light days! It’s a busy time of year but let’s go for green and solidify those fast facts! We want to earn 1000 green lights as a school!