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Saint Joseph School, nestled in the heart of Needham, Massachusetts, stands as a distinguished Traditional Roman Catholic educational institution for boys and girls from age 2.9 through Grade 8. With an unwavering commitment to the core values of Faith, Virtue, Intellect, and Stewardship, the school prides itself on fostering a comprehensive educational journey that nurtures every student towards academic, spiritual, and social excellence.

Mission Statement

Saint Joseph School, in partnership with our families, provides an exceptional Traditional Roman Catholic education committed to helping each student thrive academically, spiritually, and socially. Rooted in our four pillars of Faith, Virtue, Intellect, and Stewardship, our mission is to provide an educational experience that empowers well-rounded individuals with a deep sense of faith and purpose, and a strong foundation for lifelong success.


Accept Jesus in our hearts.  Aim to serve others.  Achieve academic excellence.  Aspire to change the world.

The Saint Joe’s Learner

A Saint Joe’s student pursues excellence, is driven by a love of learning and intellectual curiosity, and actively seeks ways to serve others. Their journey is deeply anchored in faith and morality, as they strive to strengthen their relationship with God and the community they serve.

Why Saint Joseph School?

Choosing Saint Joseph School means embarking on a transformative educational journey that shapes the virtuous leaders of tomorrow. Here, students not only reach academic heights but also grow in faith and character, prepared to make a profound impact on the world.

Divisional Offerings

Early Childhood Program (Ages 2.9 - 4 years)
The Early Childhood Program at Saint Joseph School lays the essential groundwork for lifelong learning, emphasizing the holistic development of young students. Through dynamic, play-based educational experiences, children develop key skills in reading, writing, mathematics, emotional regulation, and social interaction. The program is specially designed to meet their developmental, cognitive, and social needs, with a strong focus on guiding each student's progress towards Kindergarten readiness. This careful preparation ensures that children are well-equipped with the foundational skills necessary for their future educational journey.

Saint Joseph Lower School (Kindergarten - 4th Grade)
The Lower School experience at Saint Joseph School is crafted to empower students to direct their own learning journey, achieving their fullest potential in an environment deeply rooted in the school's core values. With an emphasis on individualized education, the educational program is tailored to each student's unique needs and aptitude through individual metric-driven goal setting. This solid educational foundation emphasizes academic excellence, personal growth, and ethical development, preparing students to be conscientious leaders and learners, equipped for leadership and service in their future endeavors.

Saint Joseph Upper School (5th - 8th Grade)
The Upper School at Saint Joseph School offers a preparatory academic program that prepares students for the challenges of high school and beyond. As students advance, they experience increased personal freedom and responsibility, engaging in a curriculum that includes experiential learning, critical dialogue, and rigorous academic challenges, equipping them with essential skills for future success.

Enriching Lives, Shaping Futures

Saint Joseph School believes that education is not limited to academic excellence but also encompasses holistic personal development. With an unwavering commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience, the school introduces a vibrant array of extracurricular clubs, activities, and athletics designed to ignite passion, foster growth, and enrich the lives of students. This comprehensive approach aims to nurture individual interests and talents while cultivating a profound sense of community and belonging. Saint Joseph School encourages students to explore, discover, and grow beyond the traditional classroom setting.

The Saint Joe’s Graduate

A SJS graduate is a self-aware, faith-filled community member with a strong moral compass. Our graduates are eager, curious learners and seekers who utilize problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills in their pursuit of a better world.

Our Promise to Saint Joseph School Families

Saint Joseph School is a testament to the transformative power of a faith-based, values-driven education. Each division is meticulously designed to support the developmental and academic growth of students, ensuring they are well-prepared for future challenges. The school invites families to become part of a community dedicated to nurturing the hearts and minds of tomorrow's leaders.

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