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Library Mission Statement:

The mission of the library program is to foster a life-long love of reading and to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. This mission is accomplished:
  • by providing intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats
  • by providing instruction to foster competence and stimulate interest in reading, and using information and ideas
  • by collaborating with classroom teachers to design learning strategies to meet students' needs


  • Over 16,000 books, audiobooks, and educational DVD's
  • Internet-connected student computers
  • Color printer available for student use

Borrowing Privileges:

Students may borrow:
  • Kindergarten - Third Grade - 1 book per visit
  • Fourth Grade - Eighth Grade - 2 books per visit
The library does not charge for overdue books. Students are responsible for the cost of lost or damaged books.


School days 8:00 am – 2:45 pm


The Library provides all members of the school community access to information, reading, and research assistance. The Library also provides instruction that implements, enriches, and supports the curriculum and educational goals of Saint Joseph School. The Library program encourages literacy and literature appreciation by extending and enhancing classroom experiences, and we support reading for personal satisfaction by providing a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction materials intended to engage readers of all ages.

Donating to the Library -- Frequently Asked Questions

The excellence of our library is due in large part to the generosity of our parent and parish communities. Donations made directly to the library through our Birthday Book program or by purchasing new or used titles at our annual Book Fair (held each year in late May/early June), allow us to keep our library full of stimulating books for all age levels. Please refer to the calendar for more information and the specific dates for this year's Book Fair.
May I suggest a title?
Please change contact information to  Mary Ann Brady or Sue Brady
What is the Birthday Book program? This is the library's main fundraiser, supplying, thanks to our community's generosity, approximately 50% of our library budget. At the beginning of the school year and as a reminder during the month of a child's birthday, parents receive an invitation to contribute a book to the library as part of the child's birthday celebration. Children may come to the library with their donation ($20 check or cash), and pick a new book from the "Birthday Book Cart." We will place a bookplate with the child's name in the front of the book, and your child will be able to check the book out that day.
Birthday Book Form
Is it only for birthdays? No, we love to receive books given at holidays, in honor of a teacher, relative, friend, or in memoriam.
What if I want to dedicate my donation? If you are donating a book in honor of a child's birthday, as a teacher present, or as a remembrance of someone special, the library staff will happily note that on a book plate, and acknowledge your gift to the honoree.
May I just bring in a copy of the book instead? Yes, but when the books are chosen from our pre-ordered selection, they are already cataloged, processed, and shelf-ready, so that they get into the students' hands much more quickly.
May I suggest a title? Certainly, but please check with the library staff at 781-444-4459 ext.116 to avoid duplication.
May I donate anonymously? Absolutely.
May I send a donation and let the librarians pick the books? We'd be thrilled!
May I donate to purchase other library materials? Yes, we are always seeking to expand our audiobooks and e-book collections as well!
Do you accept matching gifts? Definitely! The "gifts that give twice" are a real bonus for our school and our library! Many employers who will not match donations to a religious charity, WILL match for donations to a school library. Just check the box on our donation form, and we will forward your request for information on matching to our Advancement Office.
Do you accept used books? We do accept "like new" books, particularly if they are hardcover (and with a recent copyright if they are non-fiction). Any books that we are not able to use in the library collection, we offer to classroom teachers or save to sell at our annual bookfair in May.
Are there any other fundraisers for the Library? Yes, we sponsor our annual Book Fair in May, which includes new and used books. The library receives approximately 20% of the revenue to purchase new library materials.
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