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Saint Joseph School is unique and special.  Many teachers and parents through the years have commented on how difficult it is to describe what makes our school exceptional, because much of what distinguishes our school is intangible.  Our school is alive, warm, joyful, and prayerful. Visitors sense this positive climate when they spend time here.  Our school, blessed with a fantastic faculty, dedicated parents, and beautiful children, has a heart and soul.
First and foremost, we want our faith to be alive.  We want the students and families to feel and experience that they are part of a school that celebrates the love of God through the gift and example of His Son, Jesus.  From that perspective, a positive tone of the school is built.
Academics are strong and balanced.  The culture of the school encourages each person to seek God first, strive for academic excellence, share our gifts and talents, and serve each other and the world. 
As faithful stewards of our ministries, our staff pledges to maintain a standard of excellence.  We maximize the potential of each student.  We remain inspired by our responsibility to faithfully serve the children in our care.  We are committed to fulfilling our mission to live out the Gospel values of Jesus Christ by teaching to the heart, soul, and mind of each and every child.
Saint Joseph School is an exciting place to be.  The faculty and staff are dedicated to their work, committed to their ministry and above all, devoted to each student.  The students are enthusiastic about learning, thoughtful of one another, and proud of their school.  This combination equals success in and out of the classroom, and student accomplishments are proudly showcased throughout our campus.
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