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Accept Jesus in our hearts.
Aim to serve others.
Achieve academic excellence.
Aspire to change the world.

At Saint Joseph School, faith unites and strengthens us.

Students are encouraged to love and serve God and their community with integrity, understanding, and respect.

Built on the foundation of a traditional Roman Catholic education, students learn through experience, working together in an challenging and inspiring environment.

Rooted in our four pillars of Faith, Virtue, Intellect, and Stewardship, our mission is to provide an educational experience that, together with our families, cultivates well-rounded individuals with a deep sense of faith and purpose, and a strong foundation for lifelong success.

Our school is committed to developing lifelong learners and encouraging personal growth, while celebrating our students' unique abilities and talents.

Students are empowered and prepared to achieve their own academic success at Saint Joseph School and beyond.

Saint Joe’s is not just a school, it is an amazing community of supportive and caring people.  Our children are excited to go to school each day and are thriving academically and socially.  The teachers are dedicated and highly effective at focusing their instruction on the individual child.  The curriculum is not only academically rigorous, but also emphasizes the importance of serving each other and the community.  Sending our children to Saint Joe’s is one of the best decisions we have made for our family, and the school has continued to exceed our expectations!
-Anne & Nick Scola

Thank you for considering Saint Joseph School for your child. As you learn more about our school through this website or by attending our tour, we hope that you will quickly understand why our school is a special place. 
Director of Admissions & Operations
Anne Noah
Now Enrolling