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Main Office Form 2023-2024


    Student Information

  • Parent/Guardian 1 Information

  • Parent/Guardian 2 Information

  • Emergency Dismissal Information

    In an emergency situation, it may become necessary for us to dismiss students prior to the end of the school day. Please fill in the following information that will assist us in contacting someone other than you, who would be responsible for your child's care, should it be necessary. We will attempt to contact you via phone and e-mail.

    Emergency Contact 1

  • Emergency Contact 2

  • Dismissal/Transportation Home

    In each box, please describe how your child will be leaving school each day. Please be specific.
    If you indicate that your child will go to Aftercare, please be sure you have enrolled him or her in the Aftercare program with the appropriate forms via the main office.
    Options (2.9, PS, and Pre K)
    Name of person picking up
    SJS Aftercare
    Options (Grades K-8)
    SJS Aftercare
  • Emergency Procedures

    In case of accident or serious illness, I authorize the school to call the physician indicated below and follow instructions. If it is impossible to contact this physician, the school may take whatever arrangements seem necessary.

  • General Permissions



    I hereby grant Saint Joseph School permission to take or use a photograph, video, or audio recording of my child(ren) and to use the images or recordings in any of its marketing or publications including but not limited to the school website, the school social media, the Catholic Schools Office website, the Catholic Schools Office social media, memos, newspapers, radio, or television, without additional written consent, payment or any other consideration.  

    I understand and agree that these materials will become the property of Saint Joseph School and will not be returned, and I authorize this organization to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute these photos/recordings for publicity or marketing purposes or for any other lawful purpose. I also waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written or electronic copy. 
    I hereby release Saint Joseph School and all persons acting with its permission from all liability arising from the use of such materials. I also assign all rights that I may have in such materials to Saint Joseph School. 
    By signing below, I allow Saint Joseph School to use my child’s image on social media, website, and other marketing materials and to display photos or videos of my child’s likeness. 
    By signing below, I understand that photos and videos shared online can be viewed, downloaded, and shared by anyone. I give Saint Joseph School permission to produce and create content featuring my child’s image in any manner of production necessary. 

  • Permission for Family Contact Information to be published in the Online Directory available only to SJS Families.

  • Parent/Student Handbook

    By checking this box, I acknowledge I have read the SJS Parent/Student Handbook (on the school's website in the School Life Section) with my child, and agree to support the school in following the policies and procedures cited therein.​ ​​​​​

  • Technology User Agreement

    Computer Hardware Usage/General Guidelines
    No classroom, lab, library computer or iPad is to be used without a teacher present.
    Students may not alter any settings (i.e. Control Panel, Printers, desktop icons etc.) without specific permission from a teacher.
    Students must inform the teacher if he/she is using a memory device from home on a school computer.
    In order to comply with copyright laws, students agree not to copy pages from the Internet or a CD reference into their own document. On occasion, with the permission of the teacher, a picture or chart may be borrowed.
    The Internet
    It is the philosophy of Saint Joseph School that the Internet be used as an educational tool in the learning process. To protect and support the moral, Christian environment of the school, Saint Joseph School has purchased and installed on all computers a program that blocks undesirable sites from the Internet. Although closely supervised, individuals are expected to act responsibly and morally by adhering to the following guidelines:
    Use of Internet for educational purposes only.
    Comply with Federal, state and local copyright laws while accessing information from the Internet.
    Students should never supply personal information on the Internet
    Students should never make dates to meet someone
    Students should notify a teacher immediately if he/she should find something questionable or harmful on the Internet
    Inappropriate use of the Internet could result in the loss of student computer privileges until the matter is resolved by the appropriate school personnel.
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