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Lunch Program

Lunch always begins with prayer.


Students eat lunch by grade in the school cafeteria for 20 minutes, preceded by 15 minutes of play time in the school yard or in the classrooms during inclement weather.

Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten students eat lunch in their own cafeteria in the Early Childhood building.
Necessary seating arrangements and accommodations for children with food allergies can be made at the direction of the school nurse and individual parents.
We are pleased to offer hot lunches Monday through Thursday delivered by Lunch Box Caterers for Preschool through Grade Five. For more information about this company, please visit their website.  On Fridays, we offer pizza and/or chicken nuggets. Please fill out a form here. for grades 1-8, and here for PS, PK and K.
Lunch Box Caterers   
The success of this program will depend entirely on Lunch Duty volunteers. We need to have all slots filled on all days in order to offer this service for the year. Please volunteer when you are able.  

Lunch Boxes FAQs   

When will the program begin?   
Lunch Boxes will be delivered beginning September 16.   
How do I order?   
You will place your order for the month via your Family Portal. When the link is live we will notify you.   
When can I order?   
The link will remain live for a specified amount of time each month so you may order for the next month. When it closes, you will no longer be able to order. 
How often do I order? Is it for the entire year, the same way we do pizza?
No. We will have a monthly menu and open the ordering once a month for a week. 
How do I keep track of when my child is receiving a Lunch Box?   
You may review your orders at any time via RenWeb. It is a good idea to note it on your own calendar. When you look at the calendar menu, if the item is blue, you ordered it! If it's gray you did not order it. 
What is the cost? 
The cost for Lunch Boxes is $5 per day.   
How do I submit payment?   
After the ordering window has closed for everyone, we will tally the orders and submit the charges to your FACTS account. It will appear under “Incidental Billing”. We encourage you to choose automatic payment for these incidentals so that they don't get lost in the shuffle. Visit your FACTS account and choose “Enroll in Auto Pay”.
Can my order be adjusted after it is submitted?   
Maybe. If you realize right away that you made a mistake, please contact Ines Posada, and they will adjust it for you.    
I’m not sure if my child will like Lunch Boxes. Can I order a few and then add more?   
No. If you are hesitant, order a few and then plan to increase your order the following month.   
What if my child is absent?   
Because we must submit the order in bulk in advance and the school is invoiced one time for the entire month, we are not able to offer reimbursement for lunches if your child is absent.    
What about food allergies?   
Students with food allergies are not eligible to participate in Lunch Boxes. Please contact Kathy Brett with questions on this policy.   
I’m afraid it won’t be enough food for my child.   
This is very individual. Order a few lunches and discuss with your child how it is working out. 

Students at Grades 5 - 8  enjoy lunch in the Dining Room on the following schedule:

  • Grade 6: 11:10 am
  • Grades 7 & 8: 12:10 pm
  • Grade 5: 1:00 pm
The Dining Room features several microwave ovens for students to heat their lunches and vending machines with drinks and snacks.
Students may bring their own lunch or purchase lunch from lunch box caterers for Monday through Thursday. On Fridays theu can order pizza lunch for the whole year, by filling out tho online form.
Milk may be purchased for the entire school year at a one-time cost using the online form.