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A Message From Our Head Of School

The education of the mind is a noble endeavor and a long journey.  At Saint Joseph School, we believe this endeavor is most successful when paired with inspiration of faith - serving as a guide for the long path ahead.  Our goal is to serve as a partner and companion to our families, providing a strong foundation for future challenges and academic opportunities.

At Saint Joseph School, we not only teach the fundamentals of education but also instill the desire to learn, armed with the ability to think critically.  Upon graduation from our school, our students are prepared for rigorous academic pursuits and with a strong moral compass to help keep them on the path.  When met with adversity or challenges, they can rely on the lessons learned at Saint Joe’s and confidently move forward.

This worthy vision for our graduates and our institution is only made possible with the support of our strong community.  We seek out families looking to be engaged in the formation of their students and eager to be a part of our strong community.

I encourage you to review our website, meet with our admissions staff, and confer with fellow parents as you consider our school.  We have much to offer whether you are seeking a faith filled and nurturing early childhood experience or a rigorous preparatory program for your early teen.

I look forward to partnering with you!
Ian Snyder | Head of School

A Message From Our 

I am a firm believer in the superiority of Catholic education which I believe provides a most appropriate model for later learning and later life. My personal standards and characteristics are consistent with the values of the Church and its ministry.  I promise to be dedicated, compassionate, patient, and professional in my approach to the educational process and to the welfare of our children. 

I strive to achieve the best educational outcomes for our students.  They will fondly recall their Saint Joe’s years as an essential component of their early educational experience.  Our unified school, Preschool - Grade 8, is a place of academic rigor, deep faith, and supportive teachers and staff.  The school provides an inclusive learning environment with advanced and innovative curricula to support all grade levels; and I am deeply committed to continually improving and shaping the curricula at our school.   

Together, with our Head of School, Mr. Ian Snyder, we will continue to acquire the most appropriate curriculum to meet the wide-ranging skill sets of our students.  I want all our students to be a part of something great and to fall in love with learning. I want us all to strive to be better than we were yesterday.  Thank you for your trust and faith as we advance the mission of our school together. I am always here for you. May God continue to bless us all.

In Partnership,
Lauren Solomon | Principal