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School Hours

8:00am – 2:30/2:40pm
Grades 6-8:  7:45-8:00am arrival window, attendance is marked at 8:00am
Preschool – Grade 5:  8:00-8:15am arrival window, morning prayer and announcements begin at 8:10am and attendance is marked at 8:15am
School ends at 2:30pm for the Early Childhood Building and 2:40pm for Grades 1-8.

  • Before Care begins at 7:15am
  • Aftercare is available until 4:00pm or 5:30pm

Arrival & Dismissal

Morning Drop Off
Grades 1-8 Carline
Enter the back parking lot via Highland Ave., single file.  Students will exit vehicles at the designated location and enter either the Elementary or Middle School.
Students will be dropped off and enter at the main office doors for each building: Grades 1-8 at 90 Pickering Street and Kindergarten at the Early Childhood Building (with a SJS team member escort).
Grades 1-8 Walkers

Grades 1-5 please enter through the 2 walker doors (Pickering Street or the Mary's Garden entrance) both on the corner of Pickering and May. 
Middle School walkers please enter through the rear Middle School doors near the playground. 

Early Childhood Building
Park and escort your student to the Early Childhood building.  Preschool drop-off is at the ECB playground.  PreK is dropped off at the ECB side door closest to the ECB playground.  Kindergarten is dropped off at the ECB side door closest to the parking lot gate.  Children are dropped off at their grade level door, parents do not bring them into the building.
Afternoon Pick Up
Grades 1-8 Carline
Pull into the back parking lot via Highland Ave; form lines following the painted hash marks. The lines fill up before the dismissal bell. Students will be dismissed and meet you at your car.
Students will board buses at the main entrance of 90 Pickering Street.  Early Childhood Building Kindergarteners will be walked to the main building by Mrs. O'Brien for buses.
Grades 1-5 Walkers
Students will be dismissed out the 2 walkers doors both located on the corner of Pickering Street and May Street.  
Grades 6-8 Walkers
Students will be dismissed out the Middle School walker door located on May Street. 
Early Childhood Building
Preschool, PK, and Kindergarten are dismissed 10 minutes earlier than Grades 1-8, at 2:30pm. If you are utilizing Carline for your older student, please join the carline in the Elementary School back parking lot and walk over to pick up your ECB child (and walk back to your car for your older students).  You must meet your children outside when they are dismissed by their teacher at the back gate of the Early Childhood Building. 

Arrival/Dismissal Norms

  • Students in Grades 1-5 can not be dropped off and left unattended, either by a school entrance door or on the play structure, before 8:00am.  Before Care is available on a drop-in basis should you need to drop your student off before 8:00am.
    Please attend to all posted signs and obey the Town of Needham parking rules.  
  • Please do not park in the Needham Public Schools Administration Building parking lot.  
  • Do not park in, drive though, or use as an active drop-off/pick-up area the (2) parking lots of the Stephen Palmer Apartment Building (corner of Pickering and May). 
  • If you have a pet with you at Arrival/Dismissal, they must always remain on leash and please be mindful that some children have allergies and/or fears.  
  • Please only cross the street at cross walks and obey the crossing guards’ instructions.  
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