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PSA: Volunteer Now

As we prepare for the school year,  we are looking for parents who want to get more involved.  And while we don't want to overwhelm you before school officially begins for the academic year, we want to make sure you have ample opportunity to be as active a member of our community as you want to be. There are a number of ways, with varying levels of commitment, that you can be involved at St. Joe’s!

It is easier than ever to get involved, and we would love your help!

One of the best parts of our school community is being part of the "Parent School Association" (PSA). You'll meet fellow parents, plan fun school-wide events, and get a chance to be involved in your student(s) school life!

PSA Event Committee Volunteers

If you ask our students, they will rave about our community events - from the Street Hockey Tournament and Trunk-or-Treat to Field Day and the famous End-of-Year-Party.  There are so many opportunities to help create special memories for our students and their families.  These events are led by our Parent School Association, and we welcome volunteers to chair events or to be part of the planning committees.

Room Parents Role

Room parents communicate with other class parents regarding non-academic activities in the classroom.  You will coordinate classroom parties (Halloween & Valentines Day), forward messages to your class parents regarding events or programs (i.e. classroom Wish Tree) when requested by the teacher and/or administration, and help with teacher appreciation recognition.

Lunch and Recess Volunteer

Volunteering at lunch and recess is a great way to give the teachers a break in their busy days and to catch a glimpse of your child in action!  You will commit to a grade and a day of the week, and then will be assigned a monthly recurring commitment.  If you cannot commit to a recurring spot, you can be added to the email distribution list for cancellation coverage.  The link to sign up for lunch and recess volunteers will go out in September; Stay tuned!

Volunteer Requirements

The Archdiocese of Boston requires that all faculty members, paid school staff (full and part-time), all volunteers 18 years of age and older, and any individual who may have direct and unmonitored contact with children, including any individual who regularly provides school related transportation to children, undergo a CORI check. A “CORI check” is an individual’s submission of his/her completed CORI Request Form to the School Coordinator in accordance with this Policy.

Any parent that wishes to volunteer or chaperone that has direct contact with students is required to take VIRTUS Protecting God's Children training.  Classes offered at our parish will be announced as they become available. You can also check for upcoming sessions at neighboring parishes at under their FAQs. Once you have completed the class, please be sure to submit your VIRTUS certificate to the office and keep a copy for your own records. 

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