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Student Support Services

Our Learning Center teachers are special education instructors. They have certification and/or training in the following:
  • Assements
    • DIBELS
    • MAP
    • Fountas and Pinell Benchmark
  • Wilson Phonics
  • Moderate Special Needs
  • Writing Accommodation Plans
  • Literacy Specialist
  • Speech Services (grant funded)

Our Child Study Team consists of the classroom teacher, the Learning Center teachers, the School Counselor, the Assistant Principal, and the Principal. When a teacher has a concern regarding a student in his/her classroom, the teacher will ask for the Child Study Team to convene to discuss the child’s strengths and challenges. This meeting allows them the opportunity to look at the child academically, socially, and emotionally. At this time, the teacher will share any interventions implemented in the hope of improving the student’s performance. At the conclusion of the meeting, the team will decide whether to implement additional strategies or whether we should meet with the parents and suggest further action steps. One of the strengths of this team is that the principal has known the student for his/her entire academic career, so she is able to offer insight and look at growth. By forming a relationship with each student, it makes it easier to recognize what is needed and address the issue.

The Student Services Committee consists of the Learning Center teachers, the School Counselor, the School Nurse, the Assistant Principal, and Principal. Every week the team meets to discuss the academic, social, and emotional issues of students that are on an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or a 504 (accommodations that students need), or those students that meet with the School Counselor on a regular basis. It is an opportunity to talk about any child at St. Joe’s that has something going on academically or personally. We want to ensure a high-quality education for every student looking at the whole child.


Our daughter joined SJS as a 4th grader last year and it has been the best decision my husband and I could have ever made for her. Our daughter has been on an IEP since the middle of 2nd grade. In just one year at SJS, our daughter has become more confident and is thriving. Her teacher and Special Education teacher went above and beyond to give our daughter the support she needed to be successful in the classroom. We know that had our daughter stayed at her former school, she would not have received this kind of attention and would have slipped through the cracks. We are so grateful and so happy to be a part of the SJS community. It truly is a special place.


St. Joe’s offers a unique advantage to support each child with academic, social, and spiritual support, so they can thrive. The specialists and teaching staff work closely together to ensure each student succeeds based on their individual learning style. As parents, we have also been extremely impressed with the culture of collaboration and communication. Having peace of mind knowing our child's needs are being met is priceless! We LOVE St. Joe's!


As the mother of two children at St. Joe’s, I cannot even begin to express how happy we are to have our kids there. Both our children are on IEPs and are thriving. The support we have received has been above and beyond our expectations. After having my youngest evaluated, I was concerned I was going to have to pull him and put him in our local public school. After meeting with a team that included the principal and faculty, we were able to put together a plan that would get my son what he needs. He loves school and I know that's because of the wonderful teachers at St. Joe's that support and encourage him every day.