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School uniforms promote a sense of school identity and community. We expect students to be in full uniform daily except for identified free dress or “tag days”. Most uniform items are available in our customized Lands’ End store, or at Donnelly's (previously J.B. Pride).
1st Day of School - October 31st
November 1st - Friday before April Vacation
Monday after April Vacation - Last Day of School

GIRLS, K-GRADE 8: Plaid jumpers with white peter-pan style blouses.  Girls may also wear a navy logo polo shirt with the plaid skort (skirt for 6-8 grade), or khaki shorts (pants during the winter), throughout the year, with solid white ankle socks, or navy knee socks or tights.  Saint Joseph School sweaters and fleece, are permitted year-round.

BOYS, K-GRADE 8: A navy logo polo shirt with khaki pants.  Boys may wear shorts in the warmer weather (start of school — November 1st and after April break).  Ties are no longer required.  St. Joes fleece is permitted year-round. 
GYM UNIFORMS (Girls and Boys, K-Grade 8): Regulation gym uniforms will be worn by all students in grades K-8 in place of regular school uniforms on gym day.
Navy blue sweat shorts or navy nylon shorts with school emblem.
Navy blue sweatpants or navy yoga pants with school emblem.
A St. Joseph School light gray tee shirt with school emblem and/or a navy sweat shirt with school emblem
Socks and sneakers.

PRESCHOOL & PRE-K: Preschool or Pre-K uniforms is the same daily.  It is the “gym uniform for K-Grade 8” as noted above. 
Daily, students in Preschool and Pre-K should wear:
  • Navy blue bottoms
    • Navy Shorts (sweat or nylon) with school emblem (shorts permitted in Fall and Spring).
    • Navy Pants (sweatpants or yoga pants) with school emblem (pants permitted year-round; shorts not permitted during Winter Uniform period).
  • Light gray t-shirt (or long sleeve) with school emblem. 
    • Navy sweatshirt with school emblem permitted to be worn over grey shirt.
  • Socks and sneakers.
  • Saint Joseph navy fleece with embroidered emblem is permitted year-round.

General Notes:
  • Sneakers (girls and boys) may be worn all year.
  • Uniforms must be ordered from Land’s End/Donnelly's and have the logo “screened” or “sewn” on.
  • You may not add your own logo to the gym clothes. 
  • Shorts are permitted only with Fall and Spring uniforms. 
  • Uniforms may be purchased through Land’s End Co. by calling 1-800-469-2222. Our preferred school number is 9000-5442-0. Ask the specialty shopper to look up our logo number for embroidering.
Saint Joseph School Code: 9000-5442-0
Follow this link to Lands' End
Donnelly’s (previously JB Pride).
Saint Joe's has uniform closets that families may use any time during the year to come and swap out uniforms. Just pick up the key at the main office.