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SJS Winter Clubs
  • Each winter club session will run once a week, for eight weeks.  Meetings will start the week of January 8th. The cost for each club session is $100 per student. Register today! Limited space available.  There will need to be a minimum of 6 sign-ups for the club to run.  Once a club reaches 12 registrants, students will be placed on a waiting list (numbers updated on 12/12 at 11:50).
    Chess Club, grades 5-8 ** WAIT LIST
    All levels welcome!
    Tuesdays from 2:40 to 3:40
    Location: Middle school, room 302 with Mr. O'Keefe
    Craft Club, grades 3-5 ** WAIT LIST
    Come and get creative with Ms. Balsamo, creating a variety of projects and activities!
    Tuesdays from 2:40 to 3:40
    Location: Ms. Balsamo's room
    Drawing Club, grades 1 and 2  **WAIT LIST
    Draw along with Ms. Harris and create wonderful pictures!
    Mondays from 2:40-3:40
    Location: Ms. Harris' art room
    Karaoke Klub, grades 2-6
    Make new friends and have fun singing along with your favorite singers and your favorite songs!
    Mondays from 2:40-3:40
    Location: Music room with Mr. Farretta 
    Homework Club, grades 3-5
    Come work with friends or find some help to get your homework done.
    Tuesdays from 2:40-3:40
    Location Music room with Mr. Farretta
    Coding and Robotics Club, grades 6-8 
    Join us for imagination workouts with a variety of activities!
    Wednesdays from 2:40-3:40
    Location: STREAM lab with Mrs. O'Connor 
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